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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memes To Go! Special Costume Contest

This month's official costume contest will occur on June 28 in Pocket D on the Virtue Server. The theme for this month is: memes, and all the information you need to read can be found in the official announcement. Two contests cater to the players in different time-zones, at 11AM PDT and 6PM PDT.

This Week at the Paragon Market

This week sees selected Ranged and Targeted AoE damage enhancement sets at 50% off. These include the very rare Apocalypse and Ragnarok; as well as Devastation, Decimation and Positron's Blast. In addition all Enhancement Unslotters and Enhancement Boosters are 25% off. For more information please see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in game.