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Monday, September 27, 2010

Reactivation Weekend Featuring Going Rogue 10/7-10/10!

It's time for another City of Heroes® Reactivation Weekend and this one is going to be better than ever! Why, you ask? Because old and new players alike will get a preview of the new content in City of Heroes Going Rogue™! For everyone's gaming pleasure, Praetoria will be accessible to ALL accounts in good standing whether they are brand new, have been reactivated or have remained active!

If you've let your City of Heroes account lapse, but would like to see what Going Rogue is like, we will reactivate your account for FREE. Because there is so much new content to explore, you're getting almost FIVE full days to experience it all!

Active and reactivated account holders will be able to try out our newest and most visually captivating power sets* while discovering a brand new parallel world and the intense struggle ripping apart its denizens behind those sterile Praetorian walls**!

The Reactivation Weekend starts on Thursday, October 7th at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern / 3pm UTC) and ends on Sunday, October 10th, at 11:59pm Pacific (2:59am Eastern / 6:59am UTC).

* To continue using the Dual Pistols, Demon Summoning, Kinetic Melee and Electric Control power sets after the Reactivation weekend, you will need to upgrade your City of Heroes game account with a valid Going Rogue code.

** Please note all active or reactivated accounts that will be granted temporary access to Going Rogue will only have access to the Praetorian content up to level 14.

(Official announcement)