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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Issue 19: Strike Pack now live

Strike Pack, an update to Issue 19, is now live. The Strike Pack introduces the Weekly Strike Target and its accompanying badges, and the Rare and Very Rare tiers of the Incarnate System's Alpha Slot.

  • Weekly Strike Target: Each week one Task Force and one Strike Force (or one Co-Op Task Force) will provide extra Reward Merits. For qualifying characters, bonus experience or a Notice of the Well (required to craft Rare and Very Rare Alpha Slot boosts) may also be awarded.
  • New Badges: Three new hero badges and three new villain badges that reward playing the Weekly Strike target.
  • New Alpha Slot Tiers: Access to the Rare and Very Rare Alpha Slot tiers, using the Notice of the Well component obtained from the Weekly Strike Target.

See the official announcement here!