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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who Will Die Episode 7: To Something Greater

The final episode of the Who Will Die? Signature Story Arc is now available. Darrin Wade has the combined power of Statesman and Sister Psyche. Heroes and Villains unite in the ultimate showdown against the powers of Rularuu. Contact is Infernia in the Rikti War Zone. Level 40+. Free for VIP players, 400 Paragon Points (pp) for other players.

Featured at the Paragon Market

  • The Mastermind Archetype and Pet Damage Enhancement Sets remain on sale for another week, at 25% off. See last week's article (below) for more information.
  • German Shepherd Pet. Companion (non-combat) pet that follows you into danger, lounges lazily or scratches behind its ears. 25% off now 375 pp.
  • Coyote Travel Power. Transform your character into a coyote, which grants increased speed and jump height while in "coyote" form. Purchase unlocks the power on all characters on your account, usable at Level 4. When active, all powers become disabled and untoggled, although one Vanity pet is allowed. 25% off now 450pp.
  • Beast Run travel power. Dash and leap through the city with the agility of a ninja, or run and pounce like a savage beast through a forest! 25% off now 375pp.
  • Animal Costume Pieces. A bundle of 18 Animal inspired costume pieces at a cumulative discount. No auras, emotes or powers. 25% off now 300pp. Pieces can be purchased separately at a discount as well.
  • Barbarian Costume Pieces. A bundle of 36 Barbarian costume pieces for all your characters at a cumulative discount. 25% off now 300pp. Pieces can be purchased separately at the discount as well.

Sale items shown. See the official announcement or the Paragon Market in game for expiry of sale, Paragon Picks and other featured items.