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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fire and Ice Costume Set for VIP available

VIP players who have reached Tier 9 on the Paragon Rewards Tree can unlock the Fire and Ice Costume Set. The set contains 38 costume pieces. "Create a body of volcanic rock and animated roiling magma, or become a living ice floe with crystalline armor jutting from your arms and legs! Wield mighty weapons such as the Fire and Ice Swords, Elemental Sword, and Fire and Ice Mace! You can sprout flaming Phoenix Wings from your back, or have a waterfall cascade down it!".

The previous Tier 9 reward, Celestial Armor, remains available for a limited time, then will return at a later date. See the official announcement for details.

Featured at the Paragon Market

  • Re-released to market! Weapons Pack:Titan Weapons #1. A one-time purchase of 4 additional weapons that can be equipped by all your Titan Weapons characters. 240 Paragon Points. Each individual weapon can be purchased for 80 Paragon Points. (This is the same pack offered for free when Titan Weapons was first released to market.)

Sale items:

  • Featured and on sale! Who Will Die Volume 1. Episodes 1 through 4 of Signature Story Arc 1. Available until 24 January, 2012. VIP players already have access the this volume. 50% off now 800 Paragon Points.
  • Barbarian Costume Bundle. 36 Barbarian Costume pieces for M/F/H characters. No Auras, Emotes or Powers are contained in this bundle. 25% off, now 300 Paragon Points.

Unless noted, sales run for approximately a week. For more information see the official announcement.

Signature Story Arc ViDoc #2

Take an in-depth look at the signature characters of the Freedom Phalanx, Primal Earth's mightiest heroes, in this exclusive ViDoc: "The Heroes of the Freedom Phalanx." Lead Designer Matt "Positron" Miller and writer Sean "Dr. Aeon" McCann give the bios on seven members of Paragon City's premier Super Group, with lots of insights into the characters behind the costumes. (Official announcement)

Issue 22 now available on VIP Beta

Issue 22: Death Incarnate is now on VIP Beta! Play, test, and leave feedback for new features and content in this upcoming Issue! Explore a completely revamped Dark Astoria, now a co-op zone for Heroes and Villains! Fight against the Banished Pantheon, the Tsoo, Talons of Vengeance, Circle of Thorns, the new Knives of Vengeance, and more! Experience new Incarnate missions, including the long-awaited Solo Incarnate Path! Read the official announcement for complete details.