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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Spring Player Summit Announced

Details of the next player summit have been announced. It will be held on on April 28, 2012 in Palo Alto, California. The summit lets players learn about new content, talk and interact with developers, and be heard in the design process. Full details, including schedule, registration and ticket details, are in the official announcement.

Developer Diary Sheds Light on New Issue 22 Trial

Developer Chris "Baryonyx" Behrens, takes players benind the scenes into the design of the seventh incarnate trial, Dilemma Diabolique. Learn why this new trial just may be one of the best balanced trials ever seen in the game! Read the full article at City of Heroes Dev Diary: Designing Dilemma Diabolique. (Official announcement)

Featured at the Paragon Market

New and Featured! Imperial Dynasty Costume Set. The complete set of Imperial Dynasty Costume Pieces contains 25 costume pieces for all characters, plus 1 Sword for Broadsword/Dual Blades/Katana characters. Players can preview the set in Character Creation before purchase. The set is available as a bundle (at a cumulative discount). Each piece can also be purchased separately. All purchases are account wide. The complete bundle is 400 Paragon Points (pp)

Sale items:

  • 25% off Costume Slots. Up to five extra costume slots can be purchased at the paragon market. Each additional costume slot is now 600pp.

Sales generally run for seven days (until the following Tuesday), check the original announcement and the Paragon Market in game for exact duration.

Issue 22 Producer's Letter

Newly-appointed Producer Melissa "War Witch" Bianco gives a State of the Game address covering the upcoming Issue 22, new expansions to the Paragon Market, and plans for the summer and other future issues. Read the official announcement for full details.