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This page contains articles that were incomplete at the time of City of Heroes' shutdown. They are either missing information that is no longer available, or they are not being actively worked on. This main page contains articles that have significant editing notes or large amounts of missing information; the subcategories (listed below the table) have specific, smaller pieces of missing information. The Stubs and Work in Progress categories also contain articles of interest for editors looking to add to or complete content on the wiki.

Tracked Pages

Anything tracked by {{incomplete}} will show up below. Please note that the listing includes Template:Incomplete due to a quirk with the query, please disregard it.

Article Date Note
Ajax Needs Dark Astoria content.
Akarist Needs info from the Who Will Die story arc.
Alistair McKnight
Alpha Costume Set Paragon Store Icons are there, but not actual pics from the costume creator.
Ancient Room Style This article has nothing in it. It needs information, as well as pictures of the various options.
Animation Customization Descriptive text and format acceptable? Can anyone provide pictures or animated .gifs as in the Emotes section?
Apex Task Force Several pieces of dialog missing from part 1, mission objectives missing from both parts.
Baron Zukor
Barracuda Missing background information.
Base Building Guide
Beginner's guide to Paragon
Blaster's Wrath: Accuracy/Damage The effects are missing - to match other IOs, nice charts or tables should be supplied.
Bronze Class Recipe Roll This was marked as a wip, but it looks good to me. I'm going to assume it's not being worked on, so I'm changing wip to incomplete, based on the assumption that something about it isn't finished. Felderburg 05:41, 9 January 2014 (UTC)
Cathedral of Pain Trial Seems pretty complete to me, but having never played it I don't know.
City of Heroes on Mac For users who want to use Titan Icon on a Mac, please visit the Titan Icon page.
Clockwork A87952 This contact needs a picture if available, and essentially every mission it offered.
Codex of Bloodlines Needs some formatting help.
Cold Power Colors
Colonel Taggard Nearly everything about this contact is missing.
Consultant Rupert This appears to be missing the dialog for a loyalist character.
Contests This article seems largely complete?
Corporal Lewis
Costume File This article appears largely complete, but since there are no notes and I am not familiar with costume files, I am unsure.
Crystal Power Colors
Dario Stanzini This article was created while its author was playing the game. It could use a picture and better templating.
Dark Power Colors
Dark Watcher (Praetorian)
Darrin Wade This has nothing about the SSA arc. Seems like that should be added here somehow...
Death from Below This article has some editing notes indicated in red in the text. It is also worth making sure any notes about the actual strategy and mechanics of the trial are separated or at least delineated from the story / objectives. This page is also lacking pictures, although they may be more suited to a separate strategy page, since a mission of this type doesn't have a standard place in the format for adding pictures.
Demo Editing/Demo How To Info This article has not been worked on in some time. While its information is accurate, players looking for more information on demo editing post-sunset are advised to visit the Titan Network's forums:,167.0.html
Desdemona Needs her powers, as well as some info one what happened in the Underground trial (or whichever trial) that led her to gain the mask of Vanessa DeVore.
Desks One item needs a picture. Additionally, all the pictures appear to have the blue base editing box around them.
Developer's Choice There needs to be a bit more detail added, and perhaps a historical section - there appears to be some confusion as to whether these are player-made anymore, although that may be the Guest Authors people are thinking of.
Diabolique Need more info on Praetorian NPC version, also need Dark Astoria arc info.
Doppelgangers Flawed Clone powers need to be added, mission links need to be fixed, some dialog options are missing, and shadow simalcrum section needs work. This could also use a picture of the cloning lab, but that's optional.
Dr. Kane's House of Horror Several red links, the infobox is incomplete, and the missions are written rather informally.
Drowning in Blood This was being worked on, but due to the fast pace of Trials much information was not gathered.
Elana Per discussion, Elana is NOT a regular contact. She is a persistent NPC used in some missions, but only as a "talking head" rather than a full contact." Many of the Special:WantedPages are similar - they would likely fit in the Category:Task NPCs along with Elana here, but I'm not sure that's accurate. Regardless, this article needs to be changed entirely. Felderburg 16:17, 17 June 2014 (UTC)
Elemental Order Costume Set Paragon Store Icons are there, but actual pictures are needed, except for the weapon.
Elite Analyzer
Elite Chill Cannon
Elite Dampening Ray Needs information noted as missing, as well as pictures of the Tech version.
Elite Sapper Needs tech version info, pic; also needs proper salvage requirements
Elite Scanner
Elite Snow Crystal
Enochian This article could use some links to the relevant missions. Plus, it's formatting is somewhat lacking, in my opinion.
Flambeaux There are many more mission tips in which she appears.
Flying Disc Icon for power needed, paragon market picture needs formatted, picture of a disk in action needed, possibly videos linked if there are some official videos.
Global Chat Channel
Hall of Fame
Hamidon Raid This section can be continuously added to, as players reminisce and remember notable runs. Additionally, several notable runs need citations and server names. The Titan forums have a thread dedicated to this:,9722.0.html .
How To Get Stuff Peterpeter appears to have abandoned this article.
Ice Mistral There is some red notation in the "History" section. That section is identical to her in-game information, so it does need more information, if it is available.
Imperial Dynasty Costume Set Needs pics of items in game, not just their Paragon Market icons! Felderburg 15:54, 16 January 2014 (UTC)
Improved Sapper
Incarnate Trial Component Drop Rate This page was an attempt by players to discover the drop rate of Incarnate items after trials. Much more information can be found on its Talk Page.
Invention System Capacity needs to be updated -- freebie base numbers per level (will become the new By Level table numbers; apparently different [lower?] than currently listed), paragon rewards increases
Keyes Island Reactor Trial/Strategy Exact rate of power cell respawn during phase 1 and 3 needed
List of Enemies with Vulnerabilities to Specific Damage Types This article, while formatted and with few notes, may be missing enemies from its lists. Additionally, there is a section at the bottom with notes regarding this page as well as other pages.
List of Powers that use Confuse
List of Powers that use Disorient
List of Powers that use Fear
List of Powers that use Hold
List of Powers that use Immobilize
List of Powers that use Knockback
List of Powers that use Placate The Placate disambig is a good place to start for this list.
List of Powers that use Repel
List of Powers that use Slow
List of Powers that use Taunt
Malaise Missing Who Will Die stuff.
Media Blitz
Minds of Mayhem Trial Needs details on Enemy mob groups.
Miss Liberty Needs Who Will Die content!
Mission Architect Story Slot I'm not sure the formatting / wording of the description to the right of the photo is accurate, so that should be checked. That's all that's needed. Felderburg 16:09, 26 March 2014 (UTC)
Mission Syntax Created, am porting and presenting the meat of the discussion from Paragon_Wiki_talk:Mission_articles#Mission_Syntax and a rough first draft will be a couple of days. Taosin 13:35, 2 April 2012 (UTC)
Monster Need HP stats. Same as Archvillain??
Mortimer Kal Strike Force Missing various mission dialogues and contact pics
Odysseus In Top Cow #2, his name is listed as "David Odysseus Hill". There's more that needs to be done here, but I needed to add that note since it wasn't mentioned yet.
Palatine Missing a few items for her introductions dialog.
Paragon Market Auras The item listing is missing - please note that it is NOT available on the main Paragon Market page, as that page directs here.
Paragon Market Costume Pieces There may be items that are not listed here. Additionally, this page needs pictures of the items on a player model, not just the Market icon.
Penelope Yin (Ally) Her powers need work.
Penelope Yin (Freedom Phalanx) Most of this article needs work.
Penelope Yin (Praetorian) I24 stuff at bottom
Placate (Status Effect) Is placate resistable? It looks like it is for power pools, maybe, but Stalkers' is unaviodable, right?
Powers System The vast majority of this article needs to be added.
Praetorian Merit Rewards If there are any merit rewards for Praetorians only above level 15, they should be added. If not, this tag should be removed.
Precinct Five Could use more info, and a section describing the tutorial, l lá Galaxy City.
Prison Break Event
Prometheus The wip note indicated it would be finished soon. It has not been. Level range needs to be inserted, and there appears to be large chunks of duplicated conversation.
Protean Needs powers, and the Dark Astoria content.
Repeatable Mission Boss Names This list needs names from Repeatable Missions from sources other than the Rogue Isles Protector and the Police Radio (Meg Mason for example). In order for this list to be truly as complete as possible, each mission article should be cross checked. Following that, this article, while it may technically not be complete, will be as complete as possible, and this tag can be removed.
Rogue Isles Villains Missing many villains' powers.
Roman Costume Set Needs pictures of the costume pieces in the galleries - pics of Paragon Store icons are there, but not actual pieces, which have spots noted. The shields section appears to be the only complete one.
Ross Borden The categories indicate he worked prior to Freem Fifteen, and was present at close. More details are needed to even make this a stub.
SG Banners This article needs a lot of info, as well as pictures. It is especially important that this be done, since other articles about base details link to this page.
Scroll of Tielekku This article could use some links to the relevant missions referenced within it. Plus, it's formatting is somewhat lacking, in my opinion.
Seers This article seems to be complete, but there are actual numbers next to all the resistance powers. Not sure if that's in line with the rest of the wiki.
Shelves Needs images, and descriptions.
Shops and Businesses of Paragon City This appears to have been a noble attempt to catalog all the shops and businesses in Paragon City that give some important flavor to the game. Unfortunately, it was not finished, but very likely could be with Titan Icon.
Signature Arc Contact The initial editor said: "In active progress, will link in with the other relevant SSA pages. Taosin 03:46, 13 January 2012 (UTC)". That was prior to the shutdown. Expanding this page, or merging its description into the Category:Signature_Arc_Contacts page is still needed.
Sister Psyche Missing Who Will Die content.
Sky Dragon There are some alignment missions he appears in that need their content added.
Sniper Need HP values. Same as Lieutenant??
St. Martial The Stores section is empty!
Statesman Needs Who Will Die!
StoryArc Project: World Wide Red This needs to be updated to use Mission: namespace. When completed, needs to be moved into Crimson's article and this template deleted.
Strongheart Placeholder article until more can be filled in (See Mission:Tip - Your Personal Blog for more info).
Summer Blockbuster Event Needs more info in the overview, and better wording of the Films section (I speculate about inspiration of the stories - not sure if that's ok for the wiki). Additionally, it may be worth noting somewhere more prominently that it only ran for one year. Felderburg 16:06, 7 April 2014 (UTC)
Summer Blockbuster Event/Casino Heist There seems to be large pieces of dialog missing for certain crew members. The Grifter appears to be complete, but others do not have the extensive dialog that the Grifter does in every phase.
Summer Blockbuster Event/Time Gladiator 2014-02-06 Needs enemy descriptions and pics
Tech Pictures and descriptions are needed for these items.
Tesla Cage (Base) Needs some descriptions and a picture, as well as the actual salvage used.
The Family Raid Event Needs its badge Oobatz Badge, more info.
The Players' Guide to the Cities/Movement This was marked a WIP in 2007. It seems fairly complete, but I thought I'd give it an incomplete just in case someone wants to update it.
The Players' Guide to the Cities/Rewards Needs Incarnate rewards
The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface This appears to need more content, or a clarification that it is just a table of contents for other articles. It appears, however, that there is very little about the UI here.
The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Costume Window This could use updated pictures... I think that's it, really. I can't think of much else to add here. Once an updated picture (or two) is added, this tag can be removed, unless other editors feel there's more to add.
The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Inspirations Window Note sure if it is incomplete, but it did have a wip tag, so I'll keep it as a wip.
The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Salvage Window
The Possessed Needs powers, background info, pictures.
The Translation Stone This article could use some links to the relevant missions. Plus, it's formatting is somewhat lacking, in my opinion, and it has a certain amount of opinion-based writing.
Thursday Throwdown There are notes here in the "See Also" section of things to do, and in the participants section. See Wednesday Night Fights for what this page should probably look like someday.
TicketPurchases The Ticket Vendor had a wip note stating that it was missing several Issues worth of items. Since this template is where that info came from, it is actually this template that needs that info. Based on the editing history of this template, Issue 19 forward is what is needed, in part or in whole.
Ticket Vendor 2012-04-13 Needs maps, enemies, emotes, etc., from the last several issues added to {{TicketPurchases}}.
Tip - 'This is How she Dies' Rogue aspect completed. Need data on Villain side of things.
Tip - 8UFF00N's Left Hand Needs formatting of dialog in the Villain side, and it looks like just about the entirety of the Rogue side.
Tip - A Broken Nemesis Jaeger Rogue aspect completed. Need data on Villain side of things.
Tip - A Brutal Discovery Added to expand list on Alignment Mission page. Details need to be added.
Tip - A Familiar Face The initial editor wrote: "All text for this mission has been collected, will update soon." It has been much longer than "soon", so unless another editor has the info or the initial editor returns, this article will be unfinished.
Tip - A Hasty Text Message
Tip - A Logical Deduction From WIP: Still need the Hero details. This appears to be largely complete, but it is possible there is something needed in the hero mission itself (enemy dialog, etc.)
Tip - Bloody Bane Spider Helmet Rogue aspect completed. Need data on Villain side of things.
Tip - Brain Scan Diagnostics This was marked as a WIP. It looks complete, but given that there are NPCs who typically have dialog, and that dialog is not present here, I assume it is actually incomplete.
Tip - Curse of the Curious Mook ROGUE side done. Need villain details.
Tip - Innocuous Slip of Paper According to the initial article creator: "All text for this mission has been collected, will update soon." This seems... unlikely to happen.
Tip - Lacquered Porcelain Shard Rogue Side completed. Need villain side.
Tip - Old Russian Ballad Rogue aspect completed. Need data on Villain side of things.
Tip - Private Punishment Missing vigilante details.
Tip - Rikti Artifact Rumors Rogue aspect completed. Need data on Villain side of things.
Tip - Slag Golem's Brain Missing villain side NPC info and dialog.
Tip - Smooth Metal ROGUE side done. Need villain details.
Tip - Syringe Oozing Goo The WIP note said: "Missing Rogue side of Tip mission". The Rogue side does appear to be missing some information, but both Villain and Rogue appear to be somewhat sparse.
Tip - The Dragon's Whelp Some dialogues need to be modified, but the mission itself was never completed, per the original editor's note at te bottom.
Tip - The Failed Ransom This article appears to have been mostly completed by the editor that started it. However, detailed knowledge of the mission is required to verify this.
Tip - The RIP Wants YOU! Added to expand list on Alignment Mission page. Details need to be added.
Tip - Torn Flame Print Fabric Hotaru started this article with the note: "All text for this mission has been collected, will update soon". It appears that with the Sunset, this article has fallen by the wayside.
Tip - Two Too Many Flambeauxs In-mission info needed
Tip - Vial of Pulsating Liquid ROGUE side done.
Tip - Wanted: Uqua. Dead: Alive Need villainside clue text, Flambeaux's dialog when she defeats a player.
Tip - Wanted Poster With Your Face The original WIP note reads: "Vigilante side done, needs hero version". There does appear to be missing info, and some formatting issues.
Trade Window Need picture, info on trading and how it works.
Vernon von Grun The editor who put in Becky's dialogue notes that they might have missed some due to AI issues. Until the rest is added, or it is confirmed it is all there, this ought to be incomplete.
Visigoth This was labeled as a stub, like most other developer pages; but since it has nothing on it, it's pretty clearly just incomplete. Felderburg (talk) 02:13, 22 September 2015 (UTC)
Woodsman (Faction) Missing powers.


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