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this article documents the conventions used when authoring a mission article. Specifically, it deals with the syntax and flow of the article. it should be used in conjunction with other Policy documents.

Overview of mission article flow

Initial briefings (Beginning)

These three are almost always present in any mission article.

  • Mission Briefing (including response(s))
  • Mission Acceptance (including response(s)
  • Unnecessary Solicitation, These almost never have a response, but if one is given, it should be documented. The Unnecessary Solicitation is preceded by a header containing the primary objective if it is a multi-part mission. It is not preceded by a header if the primary objective doesn't change.

Objectives, enemies, NPCs, NPC dialogue... (Middle)

  • Mission objectives. These use the ({{Mission Objective}}) template.
  • Enemies. These use the ({{Enemy Link}} template for most enemy groups. One off groups use the {{Enemy Group}}) template.
  • Notable NPCs. these are all named enemies, any allies/hostages, any NPCs pertinent to mission objectives or story arc, and any NPCs with important dialogue.
  • NPC dialogue and briefings, notes etc. {{NPC Text}}/{{Cutscene}}/{{Mission Briefing}}/{{divbox}} (captions, important notes, etc)
  • Mission clues. These use {{Mission Clue}}. This may also be used at other parts of the mission documentation if it provides necessary information to continue; such as a clue about a weapon given during the briefing, or a clue about a piece of paper given at the end of a debriefing, etc)


  • Debriefing