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Mission:Tip - Torn Flame Print Fabric

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Rogues
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero
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Torn Flame Print Fabric

Alignment Mission

You find a piece of fabric that clearly belongs to a costumed hero.

You pick up the shredded material and notice and obvious flame pattern on it. It dawns on you that this is likely a piece of Flambeaux's costume. She's a rather un-traditional, hot-headed hero who typically bites off more than she can chew in an attempt at getting attention. She wants to be loved so badly that she'll do just about anything. This has the unfortunate side effect of making a lot of people hate her. Judging by the blood stains on the piece of fabric, this wasn't likely torn on accident. You notice a small trickle of blood that creates a path leading off into the distance.

As much as you hate to admit it, you feel sorry for Flambeaux. You can't just let her die. It's tempting, but you're not quite sure you could live with yourself if you didn't do something, because you know nobody else will.

HERO: Track down Flambeaux

Flambeaux is going to get herself killed. She has a tendency to rush off and put herself and others in mortal danger. Her inability to think before acting is likely to also get others killed. You could rescue her and hammer some sense into her empty head.

  • Track down Flambeaux

You plan on what you'll say to Flambeaux when you finally find her. It won't be pretty. That stupid kid is going to end up causing more trouble than she can handle.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Flambeaux is still in danger. You'd better go find out where she's been taken before her assailants do something extreme.