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Mission:Tip - Curse of the Curious Mook

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Villains and Rogues
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain or Rogue
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Curse of the Curious Mook (20-29)

You hear someone speaking about 'The Curse of the Curious Mook'. You disregard it, but after hearing many other people talking about this curse, you decide to investigate. This leads you to find an abandoned request for help, from the Family to a mercenary, who apparentely decided the case wasn't worth it. You read over the request made...

Oh man, I knew that freaky totem stuff was bad news! I tell Johnny, don't go buyin' that stuff, and he goes and does it! Now him and the boys are all under this crazy curse and making a mess everywhere!

The boss is gonna kill me on this one, if Johnny doesn't get me first. I'm hopin' YOU can handle this. Them crazy Banished Pantheon guys got some cave in Sharkhead, they're the ones who're to blame for this!

It looks like whoever you found this note from was going to deal with this issue themselves. Someone named Johnny from the Family seems to be under some immense curse from the Banished Pantheon without a cure available. You could probably investigate one of the Circle of Thorns' bases in Sharkhead to find a clue to break the powerful magic and then sell the cure to the Family for a high price.

But then could find the location of the Banished Pantheon lair in here and raid it yourself to take any other powerful artifacts that might be within there. If they used this artifact on a simple Family member, imagine what other possible artifacts they could have!

Villain Acceptance

The plight of some Family member is beneath you, as is finding some cure to sell to them. No, you're not about the money - you're about the power! The Banished Pantheon aren't a common sight in Sharkhead Isle, meaning it shouldn't be too hard to track them down. Worst case scenario, you find a few simple artifacts that you can use on the next conflict that gives you some problems. Best case scenario, you find the next Malleus Mundi.

  • Steal the Banished Pantheon's artifacts!

You head off to the possible location of the Banished Pantheon. This should be interesting.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Maybe you'll even find the artifact to control the cursed Family member.

Mission Objective(s)

You pass through the dark caverns to enter the Banished Pantheon's lair. The cavern seems quiet...but you're sure this is the only place the Pantheon could be.

  • Raid the Banished Pantheon lair!
    • Find the Pantheon's Artifacts!
    • Destroy the Lair Guardian to escape!

You've gotten away with the artifacts, despite the Pantheon's best efforts.


Notable NPCs

  • Lair Guardian


You exit the Banished Pantheon lair with a good haul of artifacts - now it's just a matter of finding which one does what and using them to their full potential.

Rogue Acceptance

Just sit around and let a crazed and cursed member of the Family run around Nerva? No thanks. Get them the cure for free? Not too good either.

But stopping this rampaging lunatic and making money while you're at it? Not too bad of an idea. Unfortunately, it'll involve crossing the Circle of Thorns to track down a cure - whatever it might be.

  • Raid a Circle of Thorns lair for a cure.

You're not one to let a group like the Circle stand in the way of you and a fair payday.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You can only hope the Circle has their libraries organized, or else this might take a while.

Mission Objective(s)

The Cavern is alive with magic - and battle. Someone else seems to be here.

  • Find a cure for Johnny!
    • Find the book for the cure!

You've found the cure for Johnny's condition. Time to sell it for a pretty price to those mooks.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Notable NPCs


You found the cure for Johnny's condition and sent a message to the Family, offering it for a good amount of money. They accepted almost right away. You were able to stop Johnny from rampaging throughout the Isles and made a good amount of money while you were at it.