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Mission:Tip - Your Personal Blog

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Rogues
Level range 40–50
Choice Hero
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Your Personal Blog

Alignment Mission

You find a cellphone that has a link to a website on it in a text message. Clicking on the link, you're brought to a website entitled 'Character's Personal Blog'.


You look to see what's on your supposed personal blog...

Dear Bloggers <3,

Character here, and I'm EXCITED to be posting to you all today! :) You know that whole deal I've got going on now where I'm wandering around Paragon City? Guess what! :O It's all a giant scam! >:) I'm actually planning on blowing the WHOLE city up! <:O That's right! I've got it all planned out and everything! It's going to be the best time ever.^_^ I really hope some heroes who can't fight back try to stop me, 'cause they're going to LOVE dealing with all the Freakshow that I've got helping me out! <_< I'll even give out the location of the caves where I'm planning everything!

Bloggers, if you're reading this, you'll see that I am the only one who really can make a scene here in Paragon City! You'll be seeing me on the news soon, ta ta!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


... seriously? Seriously? Someone is trying to impersonate you? You don't know who this might be, but you do know this is going to look real bad if this person isn't stopped. The time this was posted was a few hours ago, meaning there's a good chance either this plan was stopped, or some gullible heroes went to try to stop it and failed. Regardless, it might be a serious problem if you just leave this be.

HERO: Stop the person blogging as you!

Whoever is posing as you in this blog post is going to be in a world of hurt once you find them. Aside from endangering the lives of hapless heroes in Paragon, they're trying to ruin your very reputation with that blog! As if you would ever use that many <3's to end a letter! Time to show this person that you're none too happy with this current situation.

  • Stop the mysterious blogger's reign of terror

The cavern that this blogger is located in shouldn't be too far away. You'll have to rescue whatever heroes have already been captured before confronting this person who has been posing on you in the internet.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You'll have to get moving before they try to make any more blog posts in your name.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the sound of the Freakshow laughing up ahead. It looks like they've managed to capture a few heroes.

  • Stop the Blogger's Reign of Terror
    • 3 heroes to rescue
    • Defeat the Blogger

You saved all the heroes and discovered the identity of the mysterious blogger: Flambeaux!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs


You've personally put an end to Flambeaux's reign of terror against your reputation in Paragon City and in the blogosphere. Those heroes you rescued will make sure that no one tries to come after you for the fake plans to blow up Paragon. Besides, where's the money in blowing up an entire city filled with precious items?