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Consultant Rupert

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Consultant Rupert
Consultant Rupert.jpg
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-1713.8, -283.7, -1336.0)
Introduced By Relations Expert Verna Arcola
Introduces Consultant Highland
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Contact Introduces

Your next exercise will be Recipes: Using Recipes That Make Cole Proud mentored by:

Consultant Highland

It is time to move on to your next exercise in Recipes. It is quite simply the backbone of the Invention System. Without Salvage and Recipes there would be no Invention system!

Consultant Amaia Highland is a lovely woman who will teach you more about the types of Recipes that you can find (or purchase), what types of rarity there are, and what is required to use them.

Off you go now. Consultant Highland upstairs on the second floor.

About this contact

Culteral Direction and Education Center Mentor

Consultant Phinneas Rupert is both an educator and a stalwart champion of the recycling cause. His vast knowledge of Salvage and its uses are highly sought out all over Praetoria, both as an educator and as an activist. Phinneas is a relative newcomer to the CDEC family, but his quirky personality and fervent loyalty to Emperor Cole has made him a most welcome and valued employee as well as an ideal mentor for the citizens of Praetoria.

Initial Contact

Do you realize how incredibly lucky you are to have a moment with me, Character? Ever since we implemented the Inventions Program I have been inundated by Praetorians wishing to learn more about Salvage.



+++ Missing Information +++


This exercise focuses on the splendid world of Salvage. There are five types of Salvage, but the most common is invention. Invention Salvage is used to create many types of items. Isn't that exciting?

Is anyone watching? Just listen, don't talk. I'm a Resistance Operative. If you don't know who we are yet, you're living under a rock. Wait, hang on.

There are different Rarities of Salvage, which translates to how often or rarely you find certain types of Salvage. The three Rarities are: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The color of the name and the information listed in the Information Bar will tell you exactly how common (or rare) your Salvage is.

Just follow along. I have a task for you, but let me get through this charade first.

How will you carry all of these new items? You have an entire inventory dedicated to Salvage. The amount of Salvage pieces that you can carry is limited at first, but as you increase in Level, that will grow somewhat. The Imperial Bank of Cole, located in Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, and Neutropolis, can also hold your Invention Salvage.

You can sell your Salvage to any store in Praetoria. You cannot buy it there, but you can sell it. You can even sell it to other Praetorians if you make your way over to the Trading House.

Ignore that part. You want to buy and sell? Go to the Resistance Hub in the Underground. They'll hook you up.

And now, I have an activity for you. Go search the bookshelves, find more information on Salvage, and come back to me when you're done. I want to find out all the ways you've learned about Salvage.

And pay attention to the margins...

Research Salvage in the Book Stacks

Don't tarry, now! This activity is for your good! Research Salvage and give me feedback on your learning experience.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Research Salvage

You find the required reading materials among the volumes in the bookcase, and a little bit more.

Icon clue generic.png
Salvage Manual
You sift through the textbook upon Consultant Rupert's recommendation. It's a wealth of information on Salvage, of course, but you quickly notice red markings in the margins:

Don't drink the water and don't buy into the Cole hype, Chomper.

Icon clue generic.png
Salvage Textbook
You put together a quick report on Salvage, based on the reading from the textbooks in the stacks.
Icon clue generic.png
There are five types of Salvage, but the most common is Invention.

There are three different types of Rarity: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The color of the Salvage piece name as well as information listed in the Information Bar will tell you more about the piece of Salvage you are viewing.

You have a slightly limited Salvage Inventory that will expand with your Levels. Base Salvage does not count towards your Salvage Inventory. You may 'store' your Invention Salvage at the Imperial Bank of Praetoria located in Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, and Neutropolis. Salvage may be sold at any store or Trading House in Praetoria. You cannot buy Salvage from stores.

[In faint lettering down below...]

Go to the Underground and buy and sell in safety without propaganda.


I have an extra job for you. While you're getting your materials, you need to swap out that nauseating Cole propaganda with our Resistance brochures and posters. I've had a few other messengers nearly trip into trouble in the past so be careful! If you get caught, I don't know you.

Here, take this box. It's got all the stuff you need.

Now that we've talked about how important Invention Salvage is in creating things that can benefit Praetoria and, of course, give Emperpor Cole reason to smile, let us move on the next exercise. I have a task for you. Just a quick bit of retrieval, it'll take you no time at all.

Now march yourself over to the Distribution Center and pick up a few pieces of Salvage for me. Off you go now. Here's your list. Quickly, quickly, like a bunny.

Don't forget the switch

Icon clue generic.png
Materials List
The list of Salvage you're collecting for Consultant Rupert.
Icon clue generic.png
Box of Materials
This box contains a collection of tape, markers, and paper. There's plenty of room for the Resistance Materials that 'Consultant Rupert' just gave you.
Icon clue generic.png
Pile of Pamphlets
This pile of pamphlets looks like it outlines many of the wonderful programs and mentorship programs at the Cultural Direction and Education Center, but upon closer inspection you notice that the Resistance has subtly re-written most of them. Sneaky.
Icon clue generic.png
Stack of Bumper Stickers
These bumper stickers have some really catchy slogans, but upon closer inspection you notice that the Resistance has altered them and tagged them with their own logo. Clever.
Icon clue generic.png
A Box of Buttons
This fairly hefty box of buttons contains hundreds of unique and imaginative buttons, but upon closer inspection, you notice that many of them denounce Emperor Cole and warn of his deceitful actions.
Icon clue generic.png
Case of Bottled Water
This case of incredibly refreshing bottled water sports the Cole-approved logo, but actually just contains plain old tap water.

Mission Objective(s)

No time to lose. Looks like you're supposed to be there and get in and out without raising suspicion.

  • Retrieve Salvage
    • Gather Salvage, Swap Pamphlets, Swap Bumper Stickers, Swap Buttons, Switch Buttons

You retrieved Consultant Rupert's Salvage and switched the materials, too.

Icon clue generic.png
Invention Salvage
A collection of invention salvage for Lab at the Cultural Direction and Education Center.


Well hello, again, Character! How did it go? Everything go okay?

In and out without getting caught. Nice one

Oh good! You've got the Salvage, too! I'll just take the liberty of sending it over to Consultant Frederick. You're going to need it later on in your enrichment exercises.

This is where we say goodbye. Run the rest of the program like a happy clueless lamb. Look for a few Resistance touches along the way. Again, if you say anything, I never knew you.

Well thank you so much, Character! You've been a peach through this whole exercise!

Salvage is just one small way that we can we can use the materials available to us in a way that truly illustrates our compassion for our environment and our great loyalty and gratitude for Emperor Cole and all he has done for us! You did a fine job, Character! I'm very honored to send you on to your next program!