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Mission:Tip - Private Punishment

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Private Punishment

On a leisurely stroll throughout the city, you're suprised to see all the TVs in store windows immediately change to a broadcast of a young kid addressing the viewers. Dressed like a cross between a soldier and an emo kid, the guy specifically calls you by name:

...Character! So this is why I am calling for you to come out of hiding and face me like someone who has a spine! We will meet on the field of battle and engage in mortal combat! If you finish me then I, Private Punishment, will forever put away my Wings of War and even - uh, even my Skullface shirt, too! Just know, that I will always have the higher ground!

Were you just called out by some whiney little brat? No... you HAD to have just imagined that.

Hero Acceptance

Private Punishment


Are you serious? This kid thinks you're his archnemesis or something? You don't even know who this kid is, let alone want to act that part for him! This kid has some seriously misguided views on things, judging by his silly costume. Even if, for some INSANE reason you actually faced him, well, he better not wear that stupid, stupid costume - I mean, C'MON... wings on his helmet and a smiling skull on his shirt? Sheesh. Normally you wouldn't care but, you know... there's something about this kid that reminds you of yourself when you were his age. Except far less pathetic. And nowhere as dumb. And a MUCH better costume.

Talk some sense into the stupid kid.

If you don't talk some sense into that kid soon, he'll wind up getting himself killed. And not in a cool way, either. More like falling off a car or choking to death on a piece of popcorn or by rabid kittens. You agree to his challenge under the condition he doesn't wear that dumb costume. According to his response back to you, it looks like where he's chosen to meet you is - A COUNCIL FORTRESS?!?! What is that kid thinking!?! You better get over there and knock some sense into him before the Council does.

Mission Objective(s)

Okay, this should be the place. You'd better find that little snot before he gets his face beat in by the council

  • Go save that stupid kid!
    • Find and defeat... ugh... 'Private Punishment'.
    • Use the Stasis Generator to freeze the kid!
    • Survive the Council trap
    • Try to find that kid one last time
    • Let the kid shower you in his gratitude


Badge villain council.png Council
Notable NPCs

Contact Small Private Punishment.jpg
Private Punishment


I think I learned a little about myself today. I called you out, but you met my challenge. But instead of fighting, you were there to help build up my confidence. Then I went off to get myself killed, but you came to rescue me so I didn't make a permanent decision. After facing down all those guys, and even stopping that really scary metal guy from killing me, you're listening to me talk about what I learned today. Do you know what I ultimately realized?

That people can change and better themselves?

No. I learned that you're a better person than me. And that makes me the MOST PATHETIC PERSON IN THE WORRRRLLLDDDD!

No! Kid, that's not what- aw... Who cares? I GIVE UP!


You managed to save the stupid kid's life several times, but in the end it seems that trying to help him turned out far worse than if you had not cared at all.

However, you did get a chance to reflect on the similarities between him and when you were his age. Now you realize you were OUT OF YOUR MIND when you thought he reminded you of when you were younger.

And you ALWAYS had a better costume.

Vigilante Acceptance

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