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Mission:Tip - Innocuous Slip of Paper

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Rogues
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero
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Innocuous Slip of Paper

Alignment Mission

You find a crisp slip of paper on a defeated enemy with an encrypted message printed on it.

You carefully scan over the brief message written in some form of encryption. After thinking a bit, you're certain that this is a form of encryption used in World War II and is occasionally used by groups like the Council and the 5th Column. It takes you but a moment to decrypt the message. It reveals the location of some stolen goods. Your knowledge of the encryption method used is fairly limited. The word that describes the valuables is either 'priceless' or 'without value'. You're hoping it's the former.

Now that you think about it, the national treasury was recently robbed. Millions of dollars worth of gold was stolen. This sounds like a perfect opportunity to both slap around those responsible and take a (considerable) cut of the profits.

HERO: Locate the stolen valuables

Word off the street is that the Council was behind that theft of gold from the national treasury. Word also has it that they're storing the stash in a hidden Council base that isn't so hidden from a person with as many connections as you have. The gold is insured by the treasury, and as good as gone, so you'd be doing everyone a favor by liberating it from the Council. And if no one is the wiser, then what harm would it be if you were to go ahead and keep it? After all, you aren't trying to take over the world, just enjoy it.

  • Steal the stolen gold from those dirty Council thieves.

Bashing your way into a Council base will earn you a few brownie points amongst the tighty whitey heroes of Paragon City. Plus, the Council will never admit that their stolen goods were stolen rightou out from under their noses. This plan is so perfect that you can't imagine anything going wrong.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The information you have about that hidden Council base won't stay secret for much longer. You'd better hit that Council base and steal the gold before they move it or someone else beats you to the punch. Who'd have thunk that being a hero would be such a heavy burden.