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Elemental Order Costume Set

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SuperPackCard HV Front.png
The Elemental Order Costume Set is only obtainable by purchasing multiple Heroes and Villains Super Packs from Tier 9 VIP of the Paragon Rewards Program or on the Paragon Market. The set contains 10 pieces (plus variations) and one weapon customization, all of which are revealed randomly as one of the cards when claiming a Super Pack. The preselected costume set is only available when all pieces have been unlocked.

Costume Pieces



SuperPack ElementalOrder Helmet.png Elemental Order Helmet - Rare Card #53

Picture MIA

Detail 2

SuperPack ElementalOrder FaceMask.png Elemental Order Face Mask - Uncommon Card #44

Upper Body


SuperPack ElementalOrder Chest.png Elemental Order Chest - Uncommon Card #45


SuperPack ElementalOrder Sleeves.png Elemental Order Sleeves - Common Card #35

  • Only available with Robes


SuperPack ElementalOrder Shoulders.png Elemental Order Shoulders - Very Rard Card #130


SuperPack ElementalOrder Gloves.png Elemental Order Gloves - Uncommon Card #46


SuperPack ElementalOrder Belt.png Elemental Order Belt - Common Card #34

Lower Body


SuperPack ElementalOrder Pants.png Elemental Order Pants - Rare Card #54

  • Only available under Tucked In


SuperPack ElementalOrder Boots.png Elemental Order Boots - Rare Card #55

Back Detail

Back Packs

SuperPack ElementalOrder BackPack.png Elemental Order Backpack - Very Rare Card #131



SuperPack ElementalOrder ShardCannon.png Elemental Order Shard Cannon (Beam Rifle) - Very Rare Card #132


There are no auras related to this costume set.


There are no emotes related to this costume set.


There are no powers related to this costume set.

Preselected Costume Sets

The Elemental Order costume pieces are available in the costume creator as a preselected costume set. The set is only available when all pieces have been unlocked.

Elemental Order Costume Set
Elemental Order Costume Set Female
Elemental Order Costume Set Huge
Elemental Order Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Helmet Detail 1 Detail 2
Helmets Chiseled / Average 1 Face 1 Elemental Order 1 None Elemental Order
Upper Body
Upper Body Robe Sleeves Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Robes Elemental Order Elemental Order Bare Chest / Bikini Elemental Order None Elemental Order Elemental Order
Lower Body
Lower Body Pants Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Tucked In Elemental Order Elemental Order w/ Shield None
Back Detail
Back Detail Back Packs
Back Packs Elemental Order

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