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There are a number of Doppelgangers or duplicates of themselves that a hero or villain may encounter in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles. Any individual encountering their Doppelganger will find themselves face to face with their own mirror image. This double will look and sound the same and will possess the same powers, but will have a mind entirely their own. The Doppelganger may be working toward the same end as their counterpart or may be pursuing an entirely different goal. Certain Doppelgangers may be clones or beings from alternate dimensions, but each considers itself to be the original and will view any other version as just another copy.

The villain Protean, in connection with Praetoria, appears to be behind the cloned doppelgangers. He is heavily involved with the 5th Column and cloning labs. Furthermore, although at the end of both story arcs involving the doppelgangers they may appear to have been destroyed, a random NPC dialog would seem to indicate that at least one clone from Leonard's arc survived. Whether this is meant to refer to the dying clone if you leave it, or another clone entirely, is a matter of speculation.

Appearance and Powers

A Doppelganger will spawn in the costume your character is wearing at the time it spawns, but it will not change costumes afterwards. Certain clones may have color variations, but will be wearing the same costume items. All clones' powers will have the default colors.

Doppelgangers share your power pools, but may exhibit specific powers you have not selected, especially if they are "flawed clones". They do not appear to have access to any Veteran Reward powers that you may own. Power sets appear to be derived from Mission Architect's Custom Critters - a melee power set lacking a range attack such as Martial Arts will have access to a heavy hitting ranged shuriken attack not normally seen in the power set.

If you are part of a supergroup, some clones will have your supergroup's name as their enemy faction. Otherwise, they will be part of the "Doppelgangers" faction.

NPC Types


From barely more than the goo scraped from the bottom of the cloning vat, to a version so flawless it could pass for you in your own mirror, clones are the result of what some call "forbidden" science.

Flawed Clones

Clones Gone Horribly Wrong

These clones use the same models as the Banished Pantheon husks and chambers, and are even labeled as part of the Banished Pantheon villain group. They can be found in Test out your clones from Leonard.

They include such specimens as:

Rancid Clone
Undeveloped Clone
Clone Gone Horribly Wrong
Destroyed Clone
Disgusting Clone
Putrid Clone
Walking Corpse
Horrific Clone


This...isn't exactly a clone of yourself.




Banished Pantheon Zombie powers here

Flawed Clone

Encountered in Defeat Ajax from Dean MacArthur. If you are a member of a supergroup, this clone will have your supergroup labeled as its villain group. While this clone actually looks like you, there is still something not quite right. Perhaps with some better technology it could be improved?


This clone is almost your exact replica, but it seems like something isn't quite right with it.




This clone spawns with a seemingly random set of powers. See this thread on the official forums for examples.

Perfected Clones

Perfected clones not only walk like you, talk like you, but they shoot flame/blast energy/pound things with their fists like you! If you are part of one, these clones will have your supergroup name as their enemy group.

Working Clones

These clones are encountered in Special Agent Jenni Adair's final mission. You can see them in a cutscene and in the final room, where they will have been defeated.

Test Clones

These clones have been created in your own personal cloning lab. You must face them in the first mission from Leonard, to ensure that the cloning process works correctly. Although they are stated to be "perfected," they may still have a few minor variations in power selection. They include:

Angry Clone (I!!)
Serene Clone (I will show you what I am made of, Character.)
Rude Clone (You're just an old relic, Character! I'll show you who the REAL deal is!)
Profane Clone (#*!&)
Self-Absorbed Clone (There's no way that I could look like such a wretch, you've gotten me all wrong!)
Shy Clone (....)
Insane Clone (Hehe...ho...hoho...HAHAHAHA!)
Perfected Clone (You can't hope to defeat me, Character!)


This is one of your perfected clones.




These clones have a selection of powers from your power sets. This includes powers that are too high level for you to have.


The Army of Me Badge is awarded upon defeating these clones when set to fighting eight test clones at once.

Army of Me

You don't understand the math behind it, but you're pretty sure you're equal to or greater than eight of yourself.

Dying/Recovered Clone

This clone can be encountered while running out of your cloning facility before it blows up, and in the next mission - if you choose to save it.

Dying Clone:

This clone of yours will die here in this lab unless you choose to do something!

Recovered Clone:

The clone that you saved seems to have some unfinished business!

This is the description if you rob the bank. If there is a different description when you do NOT rob the bank, please add it.



This clone has a selection of powers from your power sets.


Mirror Self

In Field Agent Keith Nance and Special Agent Jenni Adair's arcs you will encounter a duplicate of yourself. This duplicate claims to come from another dimension. Its appearance will be the same as yours in every way.

Description 1

You see before you a strange doppelganger of yourself!

Description 2

This person seems to match you in every way, shape, and form.



This clone has a selection of powers from your power sets.

Your Evil Mirror

Encountered in Field Agent Keith Nance's arc, this clone is an evil version of you. It will spawn wearing your current costume, with the primary and secondary color choices switched. It is a good enough clone that it is able to fool many of your fellow heroes and a government agency into believing that it is you.

Description 1

It'! But...not you. Sort of. Whoever this person is, they must be the one responsible for ruining your name!

Description 2

This person appears to be your identical twin, however you can clearly see that they are your evil opposite!



This doppelganger has a selection of powers from your power sets.

Other Types

Nemesis Automaton

In the Hero acceptance version of Mission:Tip - Miss Thystle's Plea you encounter a Nemesis Automaton version of yourself. It is named Doppelganger and its villain group will be the name of your supergroup if you have one, UNKNOWN if you do not.


This Nemesis automaton has similar powers to your own and looks just like you!

Shadow Simulacrum

Summoned by powerful magic, these enemies look like you, but serve the will of their creator!

More info needed - apparently these appear in the new version of Positron's task force, and perhaps in Mr. G (Primal Earth)'s arc.