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Mission:Tip - Slag Golem's Brain

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Villains and Rogues
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain or Rogue
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Slag Golem's Brain (20-29)

You find the brain of a slag golem. Or what would be considered the brain of a rock monster - which would be a small pile of rocks. There is a bottle sticking out from it with a piece of paper tucked inside. You pull out the paper and read it over, the words scribbled in haste...

My name is Captain Stuardi of the Sky Raiders. I have been captured by the beasts known as the Slag Golems. I have listed here the cavern where they've brought me to. I believe they intend to sacrifice me as a part of some dark ritual. I implore anyone who reads this to help me. If not, at least contact my men in our Sharkhead base to let them know of my plight. Someone else must be leading them...but...I don't know who it could be.

The note has some directions scribbled to the cave where Captain Stuardi is being kept by the Slag Golems. If something isn't done soon, they will sacrifice him for whatever ritual they're planning. Knowing the Slag Golems, that ritual certainly cannot be good for Sharkhead Isle.

However, Captain Stuardi is the head of a squad that is frequently hired out by Cage Consortium to deal with super powered threats. Taking out the remains of his crew will mean one less defense Cage Consortium has, and one less future obstacle in your way.

Villain Acceptance


It doesn't really matter what the Slag Golems are planning to do with Captain Stuardi - one measly captain isn't enough to power a ritual to give them control over Sharkhead Isle.

No, what's more important is crippling one of Cage Consortium's defenses. The Consortium is brimming with future possibilities - ones that you can take advantage of. But it will require weakening the infrastructure within the Consortium. This will be the first step of many to come.

  • Destroy the remaining Sky Raider team!

You determine where the Sky Raider base is from Stuardi's note and head off. Without their captain to lead them, the Sky Raiders in this base will be ripe for the picking.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Sky Raiders won't know what hit them.

Mission Objective(s)

The Sky Raider base is well hidden beneath this warehouse, though they seem to have lost their sense of order without the good captain around.

  • Destroy the Sky Raider base!
    • Destroy the Sky Skiff!
    • Destroy the main computer!
    • Plant a bomb in the back to blow up the base! Just for good measure.

The bomb is armed, now to get out of here!


Notable NPCs

  • +++ Missing Information +++


You get a safe distance from the base to watch it go up in flames. That's one less obstacle in your path and one less tool for Cage to use, when the time comes.

Rogue Acceptance


The Slag Golems trying to sacrifice someone won't be good for business or for Sharkhead - these kinds of rituals never lead to anything good.

The cavern will be easy to find, thanks to Stuardi's coordinates, but it's a matter of getting in there in time to stop the ritual.

The Sky Raiders are cold enough to not care about repaying debts to those that are owed, but if this isn't done, all of Sharkhead Isle could be in danger. Not that Sharkhead is a terribly appealing place, but it's good for getting business done without being seen.

  • Save Captain Stuardi to protect Sharkhead.

The Sky Raiders might not appreciate you saving the good captain, but at least you won't be roaming about Sharkhead trying to avoid the new Slag Golem overlords. Or whatever else those creatures might be plotting.

You'll have to make sure to also track down whoever is controlling these Slag Golems.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hopefully the ritual won't be completely underwater.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the stomping of the slag golems echo throughout the caverns. Captain Stuardi is here somewhere, along with whoever is manipulating these golems.

  • Save Captain Stuardi!
    • Save Captain Stuardi!
    • Find whoever is controlling the golems!
    • Defeat Stardusk!

You've stopped Stardusk and Miss Thystle from completing their ritual and saved Captain Stuardi!


V badge Slag.png Slag Golems

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Stardusk will appear mid-way through the fight with Miss Thystle.


You rescued Captain Stuardi and stopped the duo of Stardusk and Miss Thystle from completing their ritual! Stuardi is thankful, but reminds you that all future dealings will be 'nothing personal'. Of course.