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How To Get Stuff

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When this game first came out, the only equipment was inspirations and enhancements. Ever since I9 the amount of loot in the game has increased dramatically. There are a lot of different things to get, and a lot of different ways to get them. This guide will attempt to answer the increasingly frequently asked question: "Where can I get me one of them?"


Inspirations are single-use, short term power-ups.

Defeating enemies: Any mob which gives XP has a chance of dropping an inspiration. Higher ranking enemies (lieutenants, bosses, etc) are more likely to drop larger inspirations.

Mission Rewards: The Kora Fruit mission for Dr. Huxley in the Shadow Shard is a source of medium inspirations.

Crafting: Inspirations cannot be created by crafting, but any three inspirations of the same size and type can be converted into one inspiration of the same size but a different type. Right-click on an inspiration and look for the combine option in the pop-up menu.

AE Tickets: You can buy inspirations from the AE Ticket Vendor. Random medium inspirations cost 20 tickets. Random large inspirations cost 100 tickets.

Reward Merits: Any large inspiration costs 1 Reward Merit.

Alignment Merits: Inspirations cannot be purchased with Alignment Merits.

Other NPC Vendors: Only the smallest inspirations can be bought. They are available from contacts, nurses in hospitals, some bartenders in Pocket D, and Mender Roebuck in Ouroboros. The arenas sell all small inspirations except awakens.

Market: All inspirations can be purchased from other players in the market.

Badges: Some day job powers grant a large inspiration upon completion of a mission.

Bases: Bases can be equipped with a Tree of Wonders or an Auto-Doc. Those sell Respites and Catch a Breaths. Break Frees can be bought from a Contemplation Chart or Combat Log.

PVP: Medium inspirations can be purchased with bounty in Siren's Call, including the Strength of Will which is not available from any other source, except possibly from other players through the market.



Training Origin Enhancements (TOs)

Dual Origin Enhancements (DOs)

Single Origin Enhancements (SOs)

Crystal Titan Origin Enhancements

Crystal Titan Origin Enhancements

Hydra Origin Enhancements

Hydra Origin Enhancements

Hamidon Origin Enhancements

Hamidon Origin Enhancements

Invention Origin Enhancements



Invention Salvage


still available on the market


Follow the order of tabs in the salvage window

Incarnate Salvage

Event Salvage

Special Salvage

Reward Merits

Vanguard Merits

Alignment Merits

AE Tickets


Influence, Infamy, Information

Tip and Alignment Missions






Top level will be based on the links in game, along the menu bars. May need special mention of vet rewards? Respecs? Costume changes, name changes, extra character slots. (getting into out of character goods now). All the stuff in all the bonus packs. Costume parts - some are unlockable in various ways. Costume slots. Cape and aura missions.