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Mission:Tip - Syringe Oozing Goo

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Syringe Oozing Goo (30-39)

You find a syringe oozing purple goo. On the syringe are the words 'CREY INDUSTR', cut off by the broken shards of glass. You use some of your contacts to try to figure out what exactly Crey is doing with this odd substance. One of your more reliable contacts lets you know that they found the following message from a Crey scientist...

Formula is complete. We're always moving forward in Crey. This needs to be top secret - apologies for the odd method of delivery. This cannot fall into the wrong hands. Dr. Creed is mad, but a genius. We've taken the serum he used for the Infected and broadened it.
If it is mixed in with water, we can create a controlled detonation. Plan to use it on Arachnos, gain some leverage on their technology, maybe Project FURY. Then use it to thin hero population. First test will be against Devouring Earth in Nerva.

So Crey has created a way to make water explode. They're always innovating, you have to give them that much. The message in the syringe didn't specify how far along this formula was or how well it exactly works - though Crey is getting themselves into some dangerous waters by threatening both Arachnos and Paragon at the same time.

It all seems to be hanging on no one finding out...but yet, here you are. You've found it out. Arachnos would be quite furious at this faction of Crey if they found it - and quite thankful towards whoever tipped them off. Though you'll have to make sure to destroy the formula - something that powerful can be bad for business.

However, it seems a bit short-sighted of Crey to test this out on the Devouring Earth. You could always ambush their lab team and use this on a better target - Longbow!

Villain Acceptance


Crey's problem has always been that they're too cautious about utilizing impressive technology right away. This formula for 'exploding water' is something that could be extremely useful, when used in the right hands. Your hands, to be specific.

One of Longbow's main bases in the Rogue Isles is within Agincourt. The base has its own supply of water - pumped out through various generators deep beneath the base.

If you could insert the formula into the stream then activate it, it would cripple one of Longbow's main resources in the Isles.

  • Use Crey's formula to criple Longbow!

Swiping the formula from Crey is something you can do on the way there, if they're performing their experiments within Nerva as well. Then it's simple setting Longbow up to knock them down.

Unnecessary Solicitation

It's always best to hit your enemies where they'll hurt the most - their precious resources.

Mission Objective(s)

It was easy enough to steal the serum Crey was using from the scientists in Nerva - the fools thought no one would know where they were. Now it's just a matter of using it to cause some chaos in this Longbow base.

  • Cripple Longbow in Agincourt!
    • Pour the serum into Longbow's water supply!
    • Activate the serum!
    • Defeat the Longbow Commander!

The Longbow base is in ruins! All thanks to Crey's handy little serum.


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs


You step out from the ruined Longbow base. It'll take them a long time to recover - time which they won't be spending monitoring any of your activities within the Isles. This would be the perfect time to start getting any plans of yours into motion!

Rogue Acceptance


Does Crey really think they can get away with going against both Arachnos and Longbow? Something like this could cause some serious chaos in the Rogue Isles - Longbow will be scouring it for signs of Crey activity, Arachnos will be doing whatever it takes to put Crey down. And when those two groups meet...well, let's just say the idea of doing business in a black market will be out the window when an all out war is going on right behind you.

Someone needs to step up and stop this - while also making a profit. Which shouldn't be too hard to do, given the market you deal in.

  • Find evidence against Crey to sell to Arachnos!

You head off to one of Crey's main labs in Nerva Archipelago. You'll have to make sure to destroy the source of the serum so it can't be used, then hack Crey's computers in order to retrieve physical data regarding what exactly they were planning.

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's no telling what experiments Crey might be brewing down in those labs - you had better be careful.

Mission Objective(s)

There are some odd marks along the walls of this lab - it looks like Crey does more than just chemical research here.

  • Obtain Evidence Against Crey!
    • Download Crey's Data!, Destroy the Serum!

You obtained everything you need from the Crey lab. Time to contact those who can give you the good money for this.


Badge villain crey.png Crey

Notable NPCs

  • Lead Researcher


You almost had to turn down all the offers that Arachnos was making for information on Crey. You spoke with an Operative Vargas, who was extremely eager to pay whatever you requested for the information. Now it's just a matter of sitting back and watching Arachnos deal with Crey.