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Mission:Tip - Vial of Pulsating Liquid

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Rogue Isles
Available to Villains and Rogues
Level range 20–29
Choice Villain or Rogue
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Vial of Pulsating Liquid (20-29)

You find a sealed vial just rolling around on the ground. Some cracks on it indicate that someone must have dropped it. You pick it up and examine it before the vial literally jumps out of your hands! You're able to catch it and keep it from jumping around, allowing you to examine a label on it further...

The label reads, 'FREEDOM CORPS TEST SERUM FIVE'. You do some investigating into this to discover this is a serum that Freedom Corps gives some of their Wardens to amplify their mutant powers. Serum number five is the latest in a series of serums - though still in its experimental phases - meant to be used in conjunction with serum number four.

Serum four is meant to drastically increase their powers, while serum five allows them to remain in control - without the second serum, these Wardens would be running around like animals. Which they most likely are doing right now, if you're the one holding this serum!

You've got a very...unique opportunity in your hands right now. These wild Longbow Wardens are just waiting to be used by you. It wouldn't be too difficult to alter serum five to have them follow your orders - at that point you could lure the lost Longbow Wardens into a Longbow base, take command over them, and then tear the base apart, getting Longbow off of your back for some time. could track down wherever Longbow is making this serum and take some to sell on the black market. They'll be too busy chasing down these crazed Longbow to notice you snooping around for the serum - and by the time you get there, it'll be too late for them to call in reinforcements to stop you!

Villain Acceptance


You do some footwork and manage to get one of your reliable contacts in the Isles to whip up a separate version of serum number 5 - injecting this into the Wardens will give them control over their powers and give you control over them.

With that, it's just a matter of leading this small pack of wild animals to your target - a Longbow base. You could hire some thugs to antagonize the Wardens and lure them to the Longbow base - Longbow will be none the wiser, allowing you to walk in and begin your plan to destroy the base, one agent at a time!

  • Destroy Longbow's base with the Longbow Wardens!

You make the call to a group of local thugs to do what needs to be done - now you just need to get to that Longbow base and step in to claim your 'followers'!

Unnecessary Solicitation

It will be a nice enough switch, not having to fight those insane Wardens for a change.

Mission Objective(s)

You can see various cracks along the walls - the Wardens are here, with Longbow doing their best to contain the current problem.

  • Destroy the Longbow Base!
    • Take control of one of the crazed Wardens
      • Administer the serum
    • Take control of another crazed Warden
      • Administer the serum
    • Take control of the last Warden
      • Administer the serum
    • Destroy everyone and everything in the base!

You left the Longbow base in ruins - thanks to the help of these willing Longbow Wardens!


Notable NPCs

  • Crazed Warden x2
  • Crazed Warden?


The Longbow Base is destroyed, thanks to you. The Wardens you were controlling collapse, due to the unstable mixture that you had of serum 5.

The rogue Warden, Jane, gives you a joking salute before shooting off into the sky.

Rogue Acceptance


It's not too difficult to track down information on where Longbow's latest serum is being made. Most agents that would have tried to stop you are too busy tracking down these Wardens and cleaning up the mess that is being left in their wake.

Surprisingly enough, you find that the serum is being made in an abandoned warehouse. Wyvern and the Legacy Chain have been called in for guard duty on the warehouse while Longbow are out and about.

It'll be a simple manner of getting in there, getting the serum, and then getting out.

  • Find Longbow's serum and sell it for the highest price!

You'll have to hurry to take advantage of the current situation - once Longbow have their Wardens back, they'll be sending their full force to check on their boys here.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Wyvern you could kind of understand guarding the serum, but Legacy Chain? Longbow must be getting desperate.

Mission Objective(s)

The warehouse seems like no one has walked in here in ages. Clever on Longbow's part, but not clever enough to fool you.

  • Steal the Longbow serum!
    • 2 containers of serum to find!

You've got the two serums that Longbow has been using for the Wardens - now just to sell them on the market and figure out what to do with your hard earned money!


V badge Wyvern.png Wyvern
V badge Legacy.png Legacy Chain

Notable NPCs

  • none


You managed to steal the remains of serum numbers 4 and 5. Within moments of informing your contacts of your find, you have several possible buyers, all of them paying top dollar.

You also overhear that Longbow was able to apprehend the Wardens that they lost control of. They'll be in for a rude surprise when they get back to that warehouse, that's for sure.