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Mission:Tip - Wanted Poster With Your Face

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 30–39
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Wanted Poster With Your Face

While going about your business your gaze falls upon a Longbow wanted poster with your name and face on it.

You pull the poster from its posted location and read it carefully


Below this is a pair of pictures of you. The first is a headshot of yourself used in your Paragon City hero ID and the second is you at the scene of the crime evidently using powers similar to your own to tear open a safe and rob a bank. It appears you've been set up somehow...

You could show the people of Paragon City that this impostor clearly isn't you by investigating and clearing your name.

Alternatively you could confront Longbow for accusing you of something you're clearly not capable of doing.

Hero: Clear your name by investigating further


Just as you're thinking about returning to the scene of the crime you overhear an alert over your Paragon Police Department radio scanner:

Character has been seen fleeing from a second bank robbery in the company of the Freakshow and has fled to the sewers. Officers are being dispatched to the scene.

Well, that's convenient. This is a good chance to stop that imposter and show the PPD that you're not the one committing these crimes.

  • Clear your name

It saddens you to believe faith in you could be lost so easily, but the reality is this sort of thing happens every day. Heroes go bad, Villains redeem themselves, so you can't really blame them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

For the time being it's best to avoid the PPD and avoid confrontation until you can clear your name. You set off to do just that.

Mission Objective(s)

Somewhere in these sewers is someone, or perhaps something pretending to be you. You've got to reveal them for who they really are and clear your good name.

  • Clear your name
    • Rescue Sky Dragon, 2 Police Officers in distress, Find out who's behind this scheme

You stopped a plot with the intent to defame you. Your gut tells you that Nemesis was behind this.

Icon clue generic.png
Sky Dragon's Faith
'Character, I knew you'd not desert the people of Paragon City. I came here to make certain of this and to give you a chance to explain. It seems I didn't need to, but it's good to have my good faith rewarded. Let's find out who's really behind this.'
Icon clue generic.png
The Hasty Officer
Oh Character, it's all my fault. My parter, Officer Pello, told me to wait for backup...but as you can see I didn't listen. Please help her, she's around here somewhere.
Icon clue generic.png
The Cautious Officer
I hadn't given up on you Character. It's good to see you're no criminal. Please, I beg you, look for my belov--err I mean my partner Officer Zielenski. He's just so hasty!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

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You defeated an robotic copy of yourself that is built in a similar fashion to Nemesis automatons. It even had powers very similar to your own. However, you managed to clear your name after showing the Paragon Police Department and Longbow agents present that you weren't the one committing these crimes.

Vigilante: Confront Longbow for wrongly accusing you


Longbow has crossed the line, they should have known this is something you're not capable of doing! How dare they doubt you. Just as you're about to head off to the Longbow base an alert announces over your police band radio:

Character has been apprehended in a Longbow training facility! PPD in route to detain and send to the Zig.

What in the world is going on? Somehow this duplicate has managed to have gotten caught?

  • Investigate the Longbow base

This is very strange. Now there's more than one person, or things out there pretending to be you. This ends now! You figure you can kill two birds with one stone. You can find out who's behind all of this and clear up the situation with Longbow simultaneously.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You're not sure how it's possible, but there's evidently more than one duplicate of you running around. It's up you to stop them and clear your name.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Investigate Longbow base


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