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Dr. Kane's House of Horror

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Dr. Kane's House of Horror
Team Size 4 players
Badge Is There a Doctor in the House?
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Dr. Kane's House of Horror (HH) is a Halloween-themed co-op event released as part of the Halloween Event 2011. This trial requires exactly 4 characters of level 15 or greater and can be accessed via the Team-Up Teleporter in the LFG Window, a selection on the Chat Window. High-level characters will be exemplared down to level 29 for this trial.

In Detail

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Before any character enters the haunted house, an optional boss may be spawned and fought. First, speak to the Devil Girl in the graveyard to the left of the house. Then speak to the Bored Boy and Bored Girl on the other side of the mansion. Finally, return to the Devil Girl and fight the Black Whip.

Clear the Hallways

Upon entering the zone, proceed up the stairs to the front door of the manor. Speak to the line attendant, then click on the door to enter. Up the stairs is a hallway populated with zombies. Clear through these zombies until you reach Dr. Kane. Rinse, repeat.

Defeat Experiment Number Nine

In one room, Dr. Kane will spawn an archvillain called Experiment Number Nine. He is generally understood to be fairly simple to defeat.

Defeat the Abomination

After defeating Experiment Number Nine, proceed through the cave door to the graveyard. There, Dr. Kane presents his final creation: the Abomination. This archvillain has two powerful AOE attacks, which are preceded by warning text about "raising his hands" or "raising his foot". Once the Abomination is defeated, trial rewards are given.

During the battle with the Abomination, an optional mission objective exists. The optional task requires the players to defeat 99 zombies and then the abomination within 12 minutes. Zombies are spawned by walking (not hovering) over the graves to either side. Completing this side task grants each player the "It's Alive." badge.


File:Badge event halloween2011 abomination.png It's Alive!

You defeated the Abomination and 99 of Dr. Kane's zombies in under 12 minutes!

File:Badge event halloween2011 trick.png Tricked Out

You took out the Abomination wearing nothing but a festive Halloween costume!

File:Badge event halloween2011 mansion.png Is There a Doctor in the House?

You braved the haunted mansion of Dr. Kane and defeated his Abomination!

Successfully completing the event offers a choice of one of three rewards: