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The Family Raid Event

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.

This event starts in St. Martial at coordinates -3085, -32, -440.



  • Stage 1: Longbow Assault
    • Defeat the Longbow Soldiers


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

  • Stage 2: Family Woes
    • Defeat the Family goons
    • Steal the Family supplies


Badge villain family.png The Family

  • Stage 3: Longbow Showdown
    • Defeat Longbow reinforcements
    • Destroy the Longbow Chasers
    • Defeat the Longbow Commanders


V badge Longbow.png Longbow


For completing all 3 stages, you will receive the Oobatz Badge and one of the following temporary powers: Tsoo Kama, Family Tommy Gun, or Carnival Energy Ring. Each powers will last for one day of in-game time.


File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Oobatz

You stopped Longbow from raiding a Family casino in St. Martial, then proceeded to rob the Family blind. The goons of the Family have taken to calling you 'Oobatz', crazy, for daring to cross them.