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Mission:Tip - Wanted: Uqua. Dead: Alive

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Wanted: Uqua. Dead: Alive (40-50)

You find some Rikti writing carved in a nearby wall. It reads...'Wanted: Uqua. Dead: Alive'. Curious, you investigate the situation to see what exactly this is all about.

Rikti Traditionalists have had enough of the woman called Kelly Uqua, claiming she is actually part of the Restructurists movement and a hidden Rikti agent within Crey. With Vanguard's permission, the Tradionalists have put a bounty out on Kelly Uqua, asking for any able-bodied person to step up and bring her to the temporary base set up by the Traditionalists within the Rikti War Zone.

Investigating even further, you find out that this is one of the main Traditionalist bases of the Rikti, set up in a former Restructurist base. They have been stockpiling their supplies there in the hopes that they can somehow convince their fellow aliens to lay down their own arms in the name of peace.

You've heard rumors that Kelly Uqua has angered the Rikti through her actions at Crey - along with the possibility that she herself is actually a Rikti in disguise. It's somewhat interesting, though what's more interesting is this Traditionalist base in the Rikti War Zone. From the information you gathered, they're building up quite a force in there - perhaps with aid from Vanguard. Who knows what sort of useful Rikti technology could be there, just ripe for the picking?

However, that bounty to bring in Kelly Uqua is probably fairly decent - given the possibility that Vanguard is behind it. It could mean just a fat payday, or it could also mean a new set of impervium armor, courtesy of Vanguard.

Villain Acceptance


Traditionalists...Restructurists...does it really matter what name they call the Rikti? Not to you, at least - you look at them and all you see is an opportunity. From what you've discovered, this Traditionalist base will be packed with Rikti technology - and possibly information. Vanguard won't be guarding it, as it's outside of the limits of their influence.

Which means that it's just sitting there...waiting for someone to walk in and take whatever is in that base for themselves.

  • Rob and destroy the Rikti base!

You head off towards the Traditionalist base. Hopefully no one else has gone there before you - if so, you'll just have to... inform them that this base is yours for the picking.

Unnecessary Solicitation

If Vanguard shows up, you'll just show them what happens if they try to get in the way of what you want.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the light hum of Rikti technology throughout the cavern. You're close to their main base.

  • Destroy the Traditionalist Base!
    • Steal the Rikti Technology!
    • 2 supply crates to destroy
    • Defeat the Traditionalist Commander
    • Set the charge to blow up the base!

You've armed the bomb to blow up the base - now to get out before it is engulfed in flames!


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After defeating the Rikti questioning hostilities, Flambeaux will ambush.

This is MY base to destroy, Character, not yours!

Icon clue generic.png
Rikti Technology
+++ Missing Information +++


You run out from the Rikti base with all of the stolen technology you found. Moments later, a large burst of fire erupts from underneath the ground, shooting out like a spurt from the hole you crawled out of. Nothing is left in that base now - including evidence that you were ever there.

Rogue Acceptance


You've seen Kelly Uqua give several interviews on behalf of Crey. The look in her eyes has always made people uncomfortable - as if she was some sort of alien. It's quite frankly not too surprising to hear that she may actually be a Rikti in disguise - though it is a little disconcerting that the Rikti could disguise themselves as humans.

Regardless, there's a bounty out on her head, and you're not going to let something like the possibility of going through Crey get in your way!

  • Collect the bounty on Kelly Uqua!

You do some investigation to find out where Kelly Uqua should be - within one of Crey's offices, right in the heart of Grandville.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Whenever Crey is involved, you know you're bound to step into something disturbing.

Mission Objective(s)

Crey has this office on full lockdown - it looks like they're well aware that the Traditionalists are out to bring Kelly Uqua in

  • Bring in Kelly Uqua!
    • Defeat Kelly Uqua!
    • Deal with the Scorpinoid Deathstalker!

That's it for Kelly Uqua, or as her alien friends call her, Kel'Uqua.


Badge villain crey.png Crey

Notable NPCs


So, Character. I can see that you have made it through.

You must have: questions. Unfortunately I will not give you the answers you seek. I warn you right now.

I'm giving you: last chance to walk away.

  • Not going to happen Uqua. This is business.

What if I put: counter-offer to you?

I will pay you: more than highest bidder.

  • I don't really trust a shape-shifting Rikti working for Crey.

That is a fault: your own.

It will be, as the humans say, your funeral.

  • I doubt that

Kill Character!

  • Let's go

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! A Scorpinoid Deathstalker will arrive and attack while fighting Kel'Uqua.

Character has taken out Uqua! Attack!


You drag Kelly Uqua to the nearest soldier in Vanguard. They know right away what you're there for, taking in Kelly Uqua, while handing you a card to claim your bounty. It seems they were quite serious about finding Uqua, as the card was actually a key to a large warehouse full of various pieces of technology! You'll have to do work for the Vanguard, or Traditionalists for that matter, more often!