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Issue 2 Badges

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Badge time.png This article contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes. It is provided for historical purposes.


Issue 2 was the first time badges were introduced to the game. It brought with it 64 Exploration badges, 13 History badges, 59 Achievement badges, 26 Accomplishment badges and 10 Accolade badges. In total, 172 badges were introduced upon the release of Issue 2. An additional 6 Achievement badges and one Accolade badge were added later, for a grand total of 179 badges during Issue 2.

NOTE: Issue 13 introduced a massive resorting and reorganizing of the badge system. Consequently, many, if not most, of this issue's badges may no longer be in the categories in which they are listed below. Please refer to the individual badge category listings for current information.

NOTE: Issue 16 reduced the requirements for earning several of the Achievement badges listed below. Please refer to the individual badge pages for current information.

Exploration Badges

Badge tourist 01.png Atlas Park

There were six badges added to Atlas Park.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Freedom Atlas Park 129 121 -641
Hero Corps Insider Atlas Park 284 16 -884
Patriot Atlas Park 162 -768 -678
Silent Sentinel Atlas Park -608 70 -1890
Top Dog Atlas Park 134 314 -340
Undefeated Atlas Park 633 85 -2324

Badge tourist 01.png Boomtown

There were four badges added to Boomtown.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Destined for Valhalla Boomtown -4098 352 2473
Phalanxer Boomtown -2002 -16 5180
Regal Boomtown -448 42 2170
Vision of Despair Boomtown -754 0 -595

Badge tourist 01.png Brickstown

There were two badges added to Brickstown.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Inmate Brickstown -1726 24 1153
Mystic Brickstown -593 32 1378

Badge tourist 01.png Crey's Folly

There were two badges added to Crey's Folly.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Burning the Midnight Oil Crey's Folly 840 24 1798
Crey Watcher Crey's Folly 1080 0 2320

Badge tourist 01.png Dark Astoria

There were three badges added to Dark Astoria.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Cairn Warder Dark Astoria 1026 51 218
Dark Mystic Dark Astoria 1678 6 2833
Seeker of the Unknown Dark Astoria 1868 -80 1352

Badge tourist 01.png Eden

There were two badges added to Eden.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Crey Fish Eden -1787 0 4550
Unspoiled Eden 2482 34 2350

Badge tourist 01.png Faultline

There were four badges added to Faultline.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Apex Faultline 278 57 -2257
Faultless Mystic Faultline -844 -407 -714
Newsman / Newsgirl Faultline 1125 -27 1296
Undammed Faultline 76 -898 1687

Badge tourist 01.png Founders' Falls

There were two badges added to Founders' Falls.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Chaotician Founders' Falls 815 -21 2402
Foggy Founders' Falls 968 0 2621

Badge tourist 01.png Galaxy City

There were five badges added to Galaxy City.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Bird Watcher Galaxy City -1099 48 -2264
Blue Shield Galaxy City -1170 39 -2470
Brawler Galaxy City -1184 63 -936
Land Locked Galaxy City -2036 -43 1000
Tank Galaxy City -1178 73 -586

Badge tourist 01.png The Hive

There were two badges added to The Hive.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Heart of the Hamidon The Hive -3 -338 -2183
Time Bandit The Hive 1742 2 -3820

Badge tourist 01.png Independence Port

There were three badges added to Independence Port.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Crey Havoc Independence Port -441 2 -271
Valorous Independence Port 947 609 -1152
Vigorous Independence Port -1615 80 -1872

Badge tourist 01.png Kings Row

There were five badges added to Kings Row.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Keen Sighted Kings Row -2176 97 1143
Mystic King / Mystic Queen Kings Row -376 71 245
Smokey Kings Row -3042 -42 -1358
Summoned Kings Row -941 -42 2977
Upgraded Kings Row -496 101 768

Badge tourist 01.png Peregrine Island

There was one badge added to Peregrine Island.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Portal Parter Peregrine Island 3045 0 1287

Badge tourist 01.png Perez Park

There were five badges added to Perez Park.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Around the Bendis Perez Park -875 -31 3658
Avatar Perez Park -1538 -32 3176
Doc Whedon Perez Park -2085 -32 2853
Justice Avenger Perez Park -1034 1 3976
Territorial Perez Park -2015 -56 1586

Badge tourist 01.png Rikti Crash Site

There was one badge added to Rikti Crash Site.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Ace Rikti Crash Site 1358 293 -274

Badge tourist 01.png Skyway City

There were four badges added to Skyway City.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Dauntless Skyway City -706 0 -1077
Healing Node Skyway City 1577 -84 -677
Purifier Skyway City -1085 -16 -7612
Solace Skyway City 2260 -84 -3367

Badge tourist 01.png Steel Canyon

There were four badges added to Steel Canyon.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Bright Star Steel Canyon -2987 -36 1820
Hero Corps Recruit Steel Canyon 1764 16 1363
Nimble Mynx Steel Canyon -2428 48 -3408
Secret Admirer Steel Canyon -3438 0 2536

Badge tourist 01.png Talos Island

There were three badges added to Talos Island.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Minotaur Talos Island 1698 16 7697
Nature Lover Talos Island 2672 124 9117
Whitecap Talos Island -5613 80 1855

Badge tourist 01.png Terra Volta

There were three badges added to Terra Volta.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Conjunction Junction Terra Volta 2222 0 -7102
Meltdown Terra Volta 1120 721 -3080
Nervous Dreck Terra Volta 4456 0 -6124

Badge tourist 01.png Other Exploration Badges

There were three badges added to instanced mission maps:

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Head of the Hydra Abandoned Sewers Trial 0 -695 15
Multidimensional Instanced Mission
Shrouded Instanced Mission

History Badges

There were thirteen History badges added with Issue 2.

Badge history 01.png Academic
Badge history 01.png Authority
Badge history 01.png Disciple
Badge history 01.png Expert
Badge history 01.png Intellectual
Badge history 01.png Just Said No to Superadine
Badge history 01.png Pupil
Badge history 01.png Historian
Badge history 01.png Researcher
Badge history 01.png Savant
Badge history 01.png Scholar
Badge history 01.png Scholastic
Badge history 01.png Student

Achievement Badges

There were fifty-nine Achievement badges added with Issue 2.

Badge damage recvd 01.png
Adamant   Endure 1,000,000 points of damage
Badge mentoring 01.png
Advisor   Sidekick another hero for 4 hours
Badge villain banished.png
Banisher   Defeat 200 Banished Pantheon Spirit Masks
Badge villain skulls.png
Bonecrusher   Defeat 50 Skulls Bone Daddies
Badge influence 01.png
Celebrity   Earn 1,000,000 influence
Badge villain clockwork.png
Clockstopper   Defeat Babbage, a monster that spawns in Boomtown or in an ambush in the Synapse Task Force
Badge count 25.png Collector   Earn 25 badges
Badge level 30.png
Defender of Truth   Reach level 30
Badge villain cot.png
Demon Slayer   Defeat Baphomet, a villain found in an Angus McQueen mission
Badge villain praetorians.png
Dimensional Warder   Defeat all fifteen Praetorian Archvillains
Badge healing 01.png
Doctor   Heal others for 2,000,000 hit points
Badge hold 01.png
Entangled   Be held for 2 hours
Badge count 50.png Explorer   Earn 50 badges
Badge villain lost.png
Finder   Defeat 100 The Lost bosses
Badge villain clockwork.png
Gearsmasher   Defeat 100 Clockwork gears
Badge villain vahzilok.png
Gravedigger   Defeat 100 Vahzilok embalmed corpses
Badge mentoring 01.png
Guide   Sidekick another hero for 8 hours
Badge villain hellions.png
Hellspawned   Defeat 50 Hellions Damned
Badge level 50.png
Hero of the City   Reach level 50
Badge villain carnival.png
Illusionist   Defeat 500 Illusionists summoned by Carnival of Shadows Master Illusionists
Badge hold 01.png
Imprisoned   Be held for 10 hours
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Indestructible   Endure 500,000 points of damage
Badge villain crey.png
Infiltrator   Defeat 200 Crey Paragon Protectors
Badge villain contaminated.png
Isolator   Defeat 100 Contaminated
Badge level 40.png
Justice Incarnate   Reach level 40
Badge level 20.png
Keeper of Peace   Reach level 20
Badge villain banished.png
Keeper of Secrets   Defeat Adamastor, a monster that spawns in Dark Astoria
Badge villain warriors.png
Legionnaire   Defeat 100 Warrior bosses
Badge villain malta.png
Master / Mistress of Olympus   Defeat Kronos Class Titan, a monster in an ambush in a Crimson mission
Badge healing 01.png
Medic   Heal others for 250,000 hit points
Badge villain malta.png
Monkeywrencher   Defeat 50 Malta Group Zeus Titan robots
Badge mentoring 01.png
Paragon   Sidekick another hero for 12 hours
Badge count 100.png Pathfinder   Earn 100 badges
Badge villain skyraiders.png
Privateer   Defeat 100 Sky Raiders Sky Skiffs
Badge level 10.png
Protector of Innocents   Reach level 10
Badge villain devouring.png
Protectorate   Defeat 500 Devouring Earth emanators
Badge villain trolls.png
Regenerator   Defeat 100 Trolls bosses
Badge hold 01.png
Restrained   Be held for 30 minutes
Badge influence 01.png
Sensation   Earn 10,000,000 influence
Badge villain cot.png
Soul Binder   Defeat 100 Circle of Thorns mages
Badge influence 01.png
Superstar   Earn 20,000,000 influence
Badge healing 01.png
Surgeon   Heal others for 1,000,000 hit points
Badge villain freakshow.png
Tank Buster   Defeat 100 Freakshow tanks
Badge villain council.png
The Silver Bullet   Defeat 100 Council Warwolves
Badge villain council.png
The Slayer   Defeat 100 Council Vampyri
Badge villain devouring.png
The Solution   Defeat Jurassik, a monster that spawns in Crey's Folly
Badge debt 01.png
The Unbroken Spirit   Pay off 800,000 debt
Badge debt 01.png
The Unwavering   Pay off 100,000 debt
Badge debt 01.png
The Unyielding   Pay off 400,000 debt
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Tough   Endure 100,000 points of damage
Badge count 10.png Tourist   Earn 10 badges
Badge villain tsoo.png
Tracer   Defeat 100 Tsoo sorcerers
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Unbreakable   Endure 10,000,000 points of damage
Badge villain hydra.png
Unleasher   Defeat the Kraken, a monster that spawns in Perez Park
Badge villain family.png
Untouchable   Defeat 100 The Family bosses
Badge villain nemesis.png
Unveiler   Defeat 100 Nemesis Fake Nemesis robots
Badge villain prisoners.png
Warden   Defeat 500 Prisoners
Badge villain outcasts.png
Weatherman / Weathergirl   Defeat 100 Outcasts bosses
Badge villain rikti.png
Zookeeper   Defeat 10,000 Rikti monkeys

Accomplishment Badges

There were twenty-six Accomplishment badges added with Issue 2.

Badge stature 15.png
Agent   Complete the Eliminate Marauder's Cell mission from Maria Jenkins.
Badge stature 14.png
Bodyguard   Complete the Rescue Rikti negotiator quickly mission from Crimson
Badge trial zone 01.png
Charmer   Complete the Abandoned Sewers Trial
Badge task force 04.png Citadel's Assistant   Complete the Citadel Task Force: Citadel's Children
Badge stature 08.png
Corrupter   Complete the Rescue the O'Gaffney law firm from the Circle of Thorns mini-arc from Neal Kendrick or Tina Chung
Badge stature 12.png
Emancipator   Complete the Investigate the psychic signal mission from Tina Macintyre
Badge stature 11.png
Frontline   Complete the Stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world mission from Cadao Kestrel
Badge trial zone 01.png
Liberator   Complete the Eden Spire Trial
Badge task force 05.png Manticore's Associate   Complete the Manticore Task Force: Following Countess Crey
Badge stature 13.png
Meteorologist   Complete the Defeat all foes in weather lab mission from Maxwell Christopher
Badge stature 07.png
Mystical Savior   Complete the Track down the Pantheon and rescue the mystics mission from Laura Brunetti or Miriam Bloechl
Badge stature 01.png
Negotiator   Complete the Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls get involved mission from Tony Kord, Paula Dempsey, or Maurice Feldon
Badge task force 06.png Numina's Compatriot   Complete the Numina Task Force: Soul of the Woodsman
Badge stature 03.png
Plague Stopper   Complete the Destroy Plague Containers mission from Olivia Chung, Dr. Ann-Marie Engles, Juliana Nehring or Pavel Garnier
Badge task force 01.png Positron's Ally   Complete the Positron Task Force: The Rule of Three
Badge stature 05.png
Pwnz   Complete the Retrieve Weapons From The Freakshow mission from Wilma Peterson, Andrew Fiore, Claire Childress, Hugh McDougal, Jake Kim or Vic Garland
Badge stature 06.png
Redeemer   Complete the Speak to Alexander mini-arc from Ashwin Lannister or Laurie Pennington
Badge task force 03.png Sister Psyche's Comrade   Complete the Sister Psyche Task Force: Clamor and Destruction
Badge stature 02.png
Spelunker   Complete the Rescue Fortune Teller mission from Dr. Trevor Seaborn, Hugo Redding or Haley Philips
Badge stature 04.png
Spirit Warrior   Complete the Stop both Groups of Mystic Madmen mission from Andrea Mitchell, Cain Royce, Dr. Cheng or Piper Irving
Badge villain praetorians.png
Statesman's Pal   Defeat Tyrant, the Praetorian leader in a Maria Jenkins mission
Badge task force 02.png Synapse's Cohort   Complete the Synapse Task Force: The Fall of the Clockwork King
Badge stature 10.png
The Doctor's Ally   Complete the Investigate the hacker known as The Doctor mission from Gordon Stacy
Badge trial zone 01.png
Transcendent   Complete the The Cavern of Transcendence Trial
Badge trial zone 01.png
Transmogrified   Complete the Terra Volta respec trial and choose the respec reward for the first time
Badge stature 09.png
War Wall Defender   Complete the Rescue the engineers and prevent the Rikti from bringing down the force fields mission from Phillipa Meraux

Accolade Badges

There were ten Accolade badges added with Issue 2.

Badge magus set 01.png
Archmage   Earn the Banisher, Dark Mystic, Faultless Mystic, Illusionist, Mystic, Mystic King / Mystic Queen, Soul Binder and Tracer badges
Badge respec freedom.png Awarded the Freedom Cross   Complete the Terra Volta Respecification Trial a third time and be at least Security Level 44
Badge crey set 01.png Conspiracy Theorist   Earn the Bird Watcher, Crey Fish, Crey Havoc, Crey Watcher, Infiltrator and The Doctor's Ally badges
Badge respec statesman.png Earned the Statesman Star   Complete the Terra Volta Respecification Trial a second time and be at least Security Level 34
Badge phalanx set 01.png Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member   Earn the Authority, Brawler, Gearsmasher, Keen Sighted, Nimble Mynx, Purifier, Regal, Summoned, Tank Buster, Unveiler and Vigorous badges
Badge passport 01.png Passport   Transfer an account from the US servers to the EU servers (disabled)
Badge dimensional set 01.png Portal Jockey   Earn the Dimensional Warder, Multidimensional, Scholastic and Shrouded badges
Badge atlas set 01.png
Received the Atlas Medallion   Earn the Pupil, Spelunker, The Silver Bullet, The Slayer and Top Dog badges
Badge respec stalwart.png Received the Stalwart Medallion   Complete the Terra Volta Respecification Trial
Badge rikti war set 01.png
Vanguard   Earn the Ace, Finder, Portal Parter, Savant and Zookeeper badges

Later Badges

Achievement Badges

There were six Achievement badges added after Issue 2 was released.

Badge event buster.png Buster   Defeat 20 Spirits during the Halloween Event 2004
Badge event deadhead.png Dead Head   Defeat 50 Zombies during the Halloween Event 2004
Badge event hallowspirit.png Hallow Spirit   Defeat Eochai during the Halloween Event 2004
Badge event hunter.png Hunter   Defeat 20 Vampires during the Halloween Event 2004
Badge event malleus.png Malleus   Defeat 75 Witches during the Halloween Event 2004
Badge event shifter.png Shifter   Defeat 15 Werewolves during the Halloween Event 2004

Accolade Badges

There was one Accolade badge added after Issue 2 was released.

Badge DVD.png V.I.P.   Purchase the City of Heroes Collector's Edition DVD

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