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Statesman's Pal Badge

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You have rescued Statesman from the clutches of Praetoria.

How to Get

Defeat Tyrant in the Free Statesman mission from Maria Jenkins' A Hero's Hero arc


The Statesman's Pal badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Praetoria's Bane.


  • Prior to Issue 18 the text for this badge used to read
You have defeated Tyrant, the evil version of Statesman from the Praetorian Earth.


Jack Emmert used Statesmans's Pal as a title to give to some beta players who had griefed him on his regular account.

Battlechimp (From the Titan Forums)
I know the story that you're talking about with Jack. It was back in beta and they weren't bad mouthing him. They were griefing him. He was on a non dev character teaming with people who were side kicking him up. This was back when suddenly dropping your sidekick and watch them go from level 29 down to level 5 in the middle of a fight was still a thing. So while they were pointing and laughing at teh noob. He logged in his dev character, despawned the mobs in the zone then spawned a giant monster on top of them. He later told them which he was and this was where "Statesman's Pal" supposedly first originated from.

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