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Protectorate Badge

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You have shown that you can protect the world from the energy sapping emanators used by the Devouring Earth.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Devouring Earth emanators.

Emanators are spawned by the following Devouring Earth lieutenants when aggroed:

Critter Name Emanator
Fungoid Fungi
Granite Cairn
Sentry Cairn
Guardian Quartz
Herder Tree of Life

Where To Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
25-27 Talos Island Eleusis, Scylla Island, The Serpent's Teeth Eleusis
25-27 Independence Port Power Island
25-27 Terra Volta Challenger Technology, Raysun Petroleum, Rogers Industries
27-29 Terra Volta Carter Engineering, Terra Volta Reactor
27-29 Croatoa The Misty Wood
29-31 Croatoa Sunset Ridge
31-40 Founders' Falls Hutchinson Park
37-40 Founders' Falls Blackstone Hills
33-36 Eden Arcadia, The Pit, Adeva Towers
34-35 Eden The Utopia Complex
34-39 Eden The Cascades, The Hive
35-39 Eden The Serpentine
41-43 Peregrine Island Bayside Court, north of Portal Court
44-47 Peregrine Island Curry Cove
43-44 Rikti War Zone Bloody Lane

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc Name
25-29 Eliza Thorpe, Lorenzo Tate An Unnatural Order
30-34 Jenny Firkins The Unity Plague
35-39 Ginger Yates The Terra Conspiracy
35-40 Numina Numina Task Force

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you earn this badge, you will unlock the Fungoid Gladiator badge.


The Protectorate badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Devourer of Earth.


Prior to Issue 16, Protectorate required defeating 500 emanators.

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