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Splash Eden.jpg

Map Eden.jpg

Hero Trial Zone (33-39)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: Woodsman
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Crey Fish, Unspoiled, Call of Nature, Nature's Wrath, Natural Law, The Devouring Earth Abides, Hive Mind, Natural Selection
Plaques: Savant IVV
Day Jobs: none
Enemies: Crey, Devouring Earth, Nemesis
Connecting Zones: Hive, Founders' Falls
Transits: none
Eden VidiotMap


Eden is a Trial zone in CoH. Prior to Issue 16, a hero needed to be at least Security Level 33 to enter.

Once, Eden was a beautiful suburb of Paragon City called Woodvale. It was the prime location for families to set up residence. There were many parks and it had easy paths for drives into the country. This proved to be its undoing.

Offended by the encroaching urban sprawl, the Devouring Earth launched a massive assault on Woodvale. The creatures destroyed many of the buildings and other man-made objects. The rest they buried or left in ruin, driving all the previous inhabitants into the city proper.

Now, Eden is a sprawling wilderness, with nature slowly taking over completely. If the spread of the forces of the Devouring Earth is not stopped, it could soon begin to swallow other parts of the city.


  • The spirit of Woodsman, Task Force contact.


  • Arcadia (Yellow - Level 33-36) (Music)
  • Adeva Towers (Orange - Level 35-36) (Music)
  • The Cascades (Red - Level 37-39) (Music)
  • The Hive (Red - Level 37-39) (Music)
  • The Pit (Yellow - Level 33-36) (Music)
  • The Serpentine (Orange - Level 35-37) (Music)
  • The Utopia Complex (Yellow - Level 33-35) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Crey Fish

Surprisingly it was the Devouring Earth, not Crey, that caused Woodvale to become the overrun Eden.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Unspoiled

The beauty that is Eden Falls came at a terrible price.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Call of Nature

In the distance you can hear the ululating cry of the Devouring Earth and something about it speaks to a primal, ancient, part of you. You can understand how some might be seduced by this call and stray into their embrace to be devoured. There is something almost hypnotic about it; being summoned by a power greater than you, older than you, and somehow welcoming, as though the Devouring Earth offer a unity unattainable anywhere else on this world.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Nature's Wrath

This hill rises like a blister above the canopy that spread like a green plaque to devour Woodvale. This is a good vantage point to see the devastation the Devouring Earth have wrought. But it is also strangely calm, an oasis of quiet in a sea of slavering monstrosities. You are not sure why this hill is so devoid of danger, perhaps it is a true reflection of what the Devouring Earth have to offer. But such thoughts are borderline insane and likely planted there by some trick of Hamidon's making.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Natural Law

Before you are the steps that once led to the Circuit Court of Woodvale, a bastion of law and order. But a new law rules here, one with rules as ancient as the planet's core, and in this court all of humanity has been found guilty.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Devouring Earth Abides

Strange whispers echo through this sheltered vale, a place where the Devouring Earth rest and meditate, receiving strange missives from their lord and master: Hamidon. If you listen hard enough you can catch brief glimmers of understanding. Hamidon speaks to his children and urges them to be patient, that the time to take back what is rightfully theirs will soon be here. How does one reckon time when they are immortal? What is "soon" to something with a life-span measured in millennia?

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Hive Mind

The buzz of the Devouring Earth hive mind is especially powerful here. It sets one's nerves on edge. You can feel it as a pain behind your eyes, as though something were trying to worm its way into your consciousness. You wonder how long you could stay here and remain unaffected. How long you could hold out before the overpowering will of Hamidon found its way into you and made you one of them?

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Natural Selection

It is difficult to remain unaffected by the display of Hamidon's might. How could anyone not feel a sense of awe at the majesty present in the towering spires of rock, the primeval forest you can practically watch growing before your very eyes? How anyone could not feel insignificant before it is a mystery. But then you realize that this is merely another seduction perpetrated by Hamidon, to weaken your resolve and steal from you the urge to resist the Devouring Earth and the danger they represent.

Historical Plaques

Transfer Points

  • The west wall contains the remains of a gate to The Hive.
  • The east wall has a gate to Founders' Falls
  • The Eden Beacon location is (2610, 370.3, 3523), right next to Woodsman.
  • The entry to the second mission of the Eden Trial is located on the slopes of the largest hive spire, near Woodsman

Villain Groups