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Isolator Badge

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You began your career on a high note, by personally ending the riots of contaminated thugs in the Outbreak Zone.


When you were first brawling Contaminated in the Outbreak Zone, did you ever think that one day you'd be known as a villain?

How to Get

Defeat 100 Contaminated.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
1 Outbreak Hot Zone
1 Recluse's Victory Sector 5 (inside train station)

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
25-50 The Pilgrim Join Ouroboros (2nd mission)

Contaminated in Recluse's Victory

With the release of Issue 7, a single Contaminated enemy appears inside the train station in Recluse's Victory once approximately every 45 minutes. However, Positron had indicated on the official forums that the badge will not be accessible to villains at all, even if they defeat 100 Contaminated.


This badge is only awarded to characters of the hero or vigilante alignments. Although credit for this badge may be earned by villains or rogues, the badge will not be awarded to a character until they change alignment.

The bar for this badge does not appear until 15 Contaminated have been defeated.

Since the tutorial change in Issue 21, the only way for new characters and characters who are not still in Outbreak to acquire this badge is through the Ouroboros Initiation arc.

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