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Hellspawned Badge

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File:Badge villain hellions.png


You've whupped those Hellions but good.

How to Get

Defeat 50 Hellions Damned bosses.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
1-6 Atlas Park Downside, Hyperion Way
5-6 Atlas Park Argosy Industrial Park
3-6 Echo: Galaxy City Nebula District, Constellation Row
5-6 Echo: Galaxy City Gemini Park
3-5 Sewer Network Kings Row Sector
4-5 Sewer Network Atlas Park Sector
6-7 Sewer Network Skyway City Sector, Steel Canyon Sector
8-10 Sewer Network Boomtown Sector
5-7 The Hollows Cherry Hills
8-10 The Hollows Four Seasons
13-14 The Hollows Eastgate Heights
7-10 Perez Park Hell's Highway, Perez Park, Bettis Hills, Gaiman Woods

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
1-4 Mercy Island Darwin's Landing
7-9 Port Oakes Arena District, Dockside
8-9 Port Oakes Marconeville
9-11 Port Oakes Oil Spill
14 Nerva Archipelago Crimson Cove #1

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
5-9 Billie Heck Give 'em Hellion story arc

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