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Gearsmasher Badge

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You have learned that the smallest gear can power the greatest menace, and have taken steps to stop the Clockwork menace.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Clockwork gears that are spawned after a Clockwork prince is defeated.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
5-8 Kings Row Industrial Avenue, The Gish
6-8 Kings Row King Garment Works, Royal Refinery
8-9 Kings Row High Park
7-8 Perez Park Perez Park, Bettis Hills
8-12 Perez Park Everett Lake, Gaiman Woods
10-14 Steel Canyon Bronze Way, Gimry Ridge
11 Steel Canyon Copper District
10-16 Steel Canyon Platinum Lake
13-19 Steel Canyon The Fools Gold District
15-19 Steel Canyon Royal Overlook, Silver Lake
10-15 Skyway City Astral District, Vista Plaza
10-19 Skyway City The Gruff
17-19 Skyway City Land of the Lost, Hide Park
11-12 Boomtown The Fuse
12-16 Boomtown Primer
14-16 Boomtown Powderkeg
14-19 Boomtown Grenadier Village, The Cannonade
15-17 Faultline New Overbrook
18-20 Faultline Aftershock
20 Siren's Call Fossburg, Randall's Ruins

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
15-19 Wyatt Anderson, Maggie Greene
Jake Montoya, Colleen Saramago
"Get a sample of the Clockwork pistons"
15-20 Synapse Synapse Task Force

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
10-12 Cap au Diable Devil's Coat Tails
15-16 Cap au Diable Haven
15-16 Cap au Diable New Haven
16-20 Cap au Diable Mount Diable
20 Siren's Call Fossburg, Randall's Ruins

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
10-15 Drea the Hook, Mikey the Ear
Boris the Russian, Desdemona the Glint
Kings Row Mayhem
15-19 Marshal Brass The Aeon Conspiracy (4th mission)

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you earn this badge, you will unlock the Cog Gladiator badge.


Badge phalanx set 01.png  Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        
Badge phalanx set 01.png  Freedom Phalanx Fallen Badge        

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