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Positron's Ally Badge

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File:Badge task force 01.png


Positron has awarded you this medal in recognition of services performed for him.

How to Get

Complete both parts of Positron's Task Force, The Rule of the Three. The badge actually awards upon receiving both of the following two badges:

Badge PositronRevampPart1.png  Rule of Three Badge   Accomplishment   Complete the Positron Task Force Part One.
Badge PositronRevampPart2.png  Dam Hero Badge   Accomplishment   Complete the Positron Task Force Part Two.

-- OR --

Complete The New Recruits using the Flashback System while a Hero or Vigilante.


Badge task force set 01.png  Task Force Commander Badge        


The Positron's Ally badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Positron's Betrayer.


This badge was previously awarded for completing the initial incarnation of the Positron Task Force, which was a single set of missions. This was changed in Issue 17: Dark Mirror, with the revamped task force split into two separate task forces, awarding a total of three badges between them. The "new" Old Positron Task Force is still available by using the Flashback System.

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