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You have learned the history of the fallen hero Atlas.

Associated History Monuments

Location Table

Monument Zone Location ( x z y )
Pupil Atlas Park 498 0 -1135
Pupil Echo: Galaxy City -752 5 -1550
Pupil Kings Row -170 -42 -1467
Pupil Kings Row -400 4 1760
Pupil Perez Park -1174 -29 2252

Monument 1

Monument 1, located in Atlas Park. Click image for larger version.


On this spot the titanic hero Atlas was posthumously awarded a key to the city for his many valiant efforts on behalf of its citizens.


This plaque is in Atlas Park, at the northwest corner of Atlas Plaza and just south of the Paragon City Monorail.

Its coordinates are (498, 0, -1135).

Monument 2

Monument 2, located in Echo: Galaxy City. Click image for larger version.


On this street in 1939, a parade was held to honor the hero Atlas. Though Atlas' nemesis, the Teal Serpent, tried to interrupt the festivities with a poison gas bomb, Atlas saved the spectators by scooping them up to sit on his mighty shoulders, far above the fumes. After getting the citizens to safety, Atlas sought out the Teal Serpent and defeated him. It is unknown whether the Serpent survived.


This plaque is in Echo: Galaxy City.

Its coordinates are (-752, 5, -1550). It is located 132 yards due north of the Arena, almost right on top of the Equinox neighborhood marker.

Monument 3

Monument 3, located in Kings Row. Click image for larger version.


On July 12, 1932, this apartment building caught fire. Although fire fighters evacuated the residents, they were unable to contain the blaze. If not for the mighty hero Atlas, the entire neighborhood might have been lost. He arrived in time to clap out the flames with his massive hands.


This plaque is in Kings Row.

Its coordinates are (-170, -42, -1467). It is located 642 yards due south of the Galaxy City entrance, or 412 yards south-east of the High Park marker.

Monument 4

Monument 4, located in Kings Row. Click image for larger version.


The building that used to stand in this spot was destroyed by the archvillain known only as the Teal Serpent. While Statesman battled the Serpent in an epic battle that raged for miles, the monumental Atlas turned his attention to the people trapped inside the rubble. With a gentleness to rival his strength, he picked apart the ruins with his massive fingers, freeing 243 people who would otherwise have perished.


This plaque is in Kings Row.

Its coordinates are (-400, 4, 1760). It is located 188 yards southwest of Blue Steel.

Monument 5

Monument 5, located in Perez Park. Click image for larger version.


Atlas' wife, Gloria Branson, planted this tree in 1941 in memory of her fallen husband. The first to respond to the German attack on Paragon City at Independence Port, Atlas died defending the city and the people he loved.


This plaque is in Perez Park, 228 yards North of the Everett Lake Marker.

Its coordinates are (-1174, -29, 2252).


Badge atlas set 01.png  Received the Atlas Medallion Badge        
Badge atlas set 01.png  Atlas Shrugged Badge        


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

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