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Bonecrusher Badge

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You're all about knocking heads and beating Skulls.

How to Get

Defeat 50 Bone Daddies, Death Dolls, or Death Walkers.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Skull Bone Daddies
Level Zone Neighborhoods
5-6 Kings Row Freedom Plaza
5-8 Kings Row Aqueduct
5-9 Kings Row Industrial Avenue, The Gish
6-8 Kings Row King Garment Works
6-9 Kings Row Royal Refinery
7-9 Kings Row High Park
5-7 The Hollows Cherry Hills
8-10 The Hollows Four Seasons
13-14 The Hollows Eastgate Heights
7-10 Perez Park Boneyard, Perez Park, Bettis Hills

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
1-4 Susan Davies "Speak with Detective Brogan about the Skulls' attack"
1-4 Antonio Nash, Prince Kiros Nandelu "Put a stop to the gang activity in the office"
5-9 Ron Hughes, Juan Jimenez,
Linda Summers
"Break Up the gang fight"
10-15 Detective Freitag, Detective Becktrees
Detective Martins, Detective Rogers
Detective Sluggitt, Detective Westbrush
Newspaper Missions, Kings Row Safeguard
10-15 Lorenzo DiCosta, Wes Schnabel,
Willy Starbuck
10-15 Tony Kord, Maurice Feldon,
Paula Dempsey
"Break up the Clockwork and the Skulls" (Negotiator Badge mission)

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhoods
1-4 Mercy Island Darwin's Landing
5-8 Mercy Island Mercy

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
5-10 Drea the Hook, Mikey the Ear Atlas Park Mayhem
5-15 Drea the Hook, Mikey the Ear Newspaper Missions
10 Boris the Russian, Desdemona the Glint Atlas Park Mayhem
10-20 Boris the Russian, Desdemona the Glint Newspaper Missions
10-14 Dmitri Krylov The Vahzilok Conference (second mission)
30-34 Psimon Omega Destroy all phobias (second part of mission)

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