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Faultline (Pre-Issue 8)

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes. It is provided for historical purposes.
Zone Map


In issue 8 of the City of Heroes franchise, the Faultline Trial zone was given a major overhaul resulting in a vastly different zone. For those curious about what things were like before the changes took place, here is a glimpse of what the old Faultline was like.


Arcane Zone Beacon
Tech Zone Beacon

64 ft up, 292 yds down (height from lowest point to street lvl)

1.03 miles across (from skyway to the dam) 774 yds across (west warwall to east warwall)


Vahzilok - large gangs used to roam the area and usually included one or more lieutenants. They can still be found in the new Faultline but only at night, and in significantly reduced numbers.

Circle of Thorns - No one was ever sure what the Circle of Thorns was seeking in Faultline but their gangs were as large as the other villains in the zone. When Issue 8 overhauled the neighborhood they were forced out never to be seen again.

Clockwork - The ruined buildings throughout the zone provided these scavengers with a wealth of metal they could use to construct even more of their members. Still found roaming the area today they continue to search for precious metal and harass workmen trying to rebuild.


  • The large gangs that roamed the zone made soloing there very dangerous but for anyone after badges it was a great place to team and work on the Gravedigger Badge and the Gearsmasher Badge.
  • Prior to Issue 8, the "dammed" lake area at the southernmost portion of the zone was inaccessible. It was originally created as a trial area, but the trial itself was never placed. However, for quite a few issues, there was a known map hole that allowed characters to enter the area.
  • Prior to Issue 8 the Numina Task Force had a mission that required TF members to go to Faultline and defeat Vahzilok. After the overhaul their numbers had decreased so much that this mission was removed from the Task Force. This was re-added later, as defeating Vahzilok in Faultline is currently part of the Task Force.


  • Aftershock (Red - Level 16-19) (Music) - The large central neighborhood of the zone.
  • Dark Canyons (Orange - Level 16-17) (Music) - The neighborhood along the west central side of the zone.
  • Downfall (Orange - Level 14-17) (Music) - The second neighborhood after you enter the north end of the zone.
  • Precipice (Orange - Level 16-19) (Music) - The neighborhood along the east central side of the zone
  • Reservoir (Red - Level 18-19) (Music) - The neighborhood at the south end of the zone.
  • Subduction (Yellow - Level 14-17) (Music) - The first neighborhood as you enter the north end of the zone.

Badges and Plaques


Prior to Issue 8 only the following Exploration badges could be found in Faultline:

File:Badge history 01.png

The same history plaques that exist today were located in the zone:

NOTE: while many are in the same locations they were previously found, several badge markers and plaques had to be relocated to make way for the repaired buildings that now occupy the area around the gate between Skyway City and Faultline.



  • This zone has been in the game for Heroes since Issue 0.
  • Access to this zone for new characters was removed in Issue 8.