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Unveiler Badge

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You have shown great endurance in tackling the Fake Nemesis robots time and time again in your search for the real Nemesis.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis robots.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The "Prototype False Nemesis" found in Anton Sampson's mission Take on the false Nemesis does not count for this badge.

Where to Find

Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
40-44 Maxwell Christopher Unnecessary Solicitation mini-arc, especially Protect people from Nemesis war.
40-44 Maxwell Christopher The Eternal Nemesis

Note: You may have to set notoriety to +1/x8 players for maximum results.

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
41-43 Peregrine Island Bayside Docks, Nelson Borough
44-47 Peregrine Island Curry Cove
48-50 Peregrine Island Mera Heights, Poseidon Square
40-44 Firebase Zulu Point Echo, Point Foxtrot, Point Sierra, Point Tango, Point Victor, Point X-Ray
40-44 Cascade Archipelago Crimson Falls, The Air Shoals, The Chanting Islands, The Marooned Shores, The One-Way Path, Tyrant's Rock

Cooperative Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
40-50 Serpent Drummer Dreams of Peace and Acts of War
45-50 The Dark Watcher The Horror of War

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
43-46 Grandville The Gutter (North Ward)
44-45 Grandville The Gutter (West Ward)

Villain Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
45-50 Television The TV Invasion

Weapon Unlocked

When an Assault Rifle Blaster or Corruptor or a Mercenaries Mastermind earns this badge, they unlock the Nemesis Gun 1 and 2 weapon customization.


Badge phalanx set 01.png  Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        
Badge phalanx set 01.png  Freedom Phalanx Fallen Badge        


  • Fake Nemesis only spawn at or above level 40. A Prototype False Nemesis appears in the Take on the false Nemesis mission from Anton Sampson, but it does not count towards the number required for the Unveiler badge.

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