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Issue 5 Badges

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Badge time.png This article contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes. It is provided for historical purposes.


Issue 5 brought with it 3 Exploration badges, 1 History badge, 33 Achievement badges, 5 Accomplishment badges and 2 Accolade badges. In total, 44 badges were introduced.

NOTE: Issue 13 introduced a massive resorting and reorganizing of the badge system. Consequently, many, if not most, of this issue's badges may no longer be in the categories in which they are listed below. Please refer to the individual badge category listings for current information.

NOTE: Issue 16 reduced the requirements for earning several of the Achievement badges listed below. Please refer to the individual badge pages for current information.

Exploration Badges

Badge tourist 01.png Croatoa

There were three badges added to Croatoa.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Ensorcelled Croatoa 1018 159 -1090
Grim Wanderer Croatoa 762 48 -2440
Spiritual Croatoa -2669 11 1102

History Badges

There was one History badge added with Issue 5.

Badge history 01.png Alumnus

Achievement Badges

There were thirty-three Achievement badges added with Issue 5.

Badge croatoa bane of dannan.png
Bane of Dannan   Defeat 333 Tuatha de Dannan
Badge croatoa believer.png
Believer   Defeat Sally, a monster that spawns in Croatoa, twice
Badge croatoa cabalist.png
Cabalist   Complete Katie Hannon's Task Force: A Tangled Plot
Badge hold 01.png
Caged   Be held for 40 hours
Badge croatoa cap buster.png
Cap Buster   Defeat 333 Red Caps
Badge hold 01.png
Confined   Be held for 20 hours
Badge debt 01.png
Deathless   Pay off 1,200,000 debt
Badge troll supasmasher.png
Dee Jay   Defeat 50 Supa Trolls
Badge healing 01.png
Empath   Heal others for 1,000,000,000 hit points
Badge mentoring 01.png
Epitome   Sidekick another hero for 20 hours
Badge debt 01.png
Exalted   Pay off 10,000,000 debt
Badge firefighter.png
Fire Chief   Defeat 100 Fires and 100 Hellion Arsonists during a Hellion Arson event
Badge firefighter.png
Firefighter   Defeat 25 Fires and 25 Hellion Arsonists during a Hellion Arson event
Badge croatoa giant killer.png
Giant Killer   Defeat Jack in Irons, a monster that spawns in Croatoa
Badge croatoa Banisher.png
Haunted   Defeat 333 Croatoan Ghosts
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Immortal   Endure 1,000,000,000 points of damage
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Invulnerable   Endure 500,000,000 points of damage
Badge hold 01.png
Jailed   Be held for 80 hours
Badge influence 01.png
Leader   Earn 2,000,000,000 influence
Badge healing 01.png
Medical Specialist   Heal others for 10,000,000 hit points
Badge healing 01.png
Medicine Man / Woman   Heal others for 50,000,000 hit points
Badge damage recvd 01.png
Nigh Indestructible   Endure 100,000,000 points of damage
Badge mentoring 01.png
Paradigm   Sidekick another hero for 24 hours
Badge influence 01.png
Popular   Earn 1,000,000,000 influence
Badge croatoa pumpkin king.png
Pumpkin King / Queen   Defeat Eochai, a monster that spawns in Croatoa
Badge croatoa pumpkin master.png
Pumpkin Master / Mistress   Defeat 333 Fir Bolg
Badge troll raveroundup.png
Raver   Defeat 50 Glowing Trolls during a Troll Rave
Badge mentoring 01.png
Role Model   Sidekick another hero for 16 hours
Badge croatoa spellbinder.png
Spellbinding   Defeat 333 Cabal
Badge count 200.png Trailblazer   Earn 200 badges
Badge influence 01.png
Trendsetter   Earn 100,000,000 influence
Badge debt 01.png
Undying   Pay off 2,000,000 debt
Badge firefighter.png
Volunteer Firefighter   Defeat 10 Hellion Arsonists during a Hellion Arson event

Accomplishment Badges

There were five Accomplishment badges added with Issue 5.

Badge task force DestroyerOfStrength.png
Destroyer of Strength   Complete the Sara Moore Task Force: The Legend of Ruladak
Badge task force HonoraryPeacebringer.png
Honorary Peacebringer   Complete the Moonfire Task Force: The Kheldian War
Badge task force PSmasher.png
Portal Smasher   Complete the Dr. Quaterfield Task Force: Explorers and Exploiters
Badge task force ProtectorOfKindness.png
Protector of Kindness   Complete the Justin Augustine Task Force: The Saga of Faathim
Badge task force SlayerOfMadness.png
Slayer of Madness   Complete the Faathim the Kind Task Force: The Saga of Lanaru

Accolade Badges

There were two Accolade badges added with Issue 5.

Badge croatoa geas of the kind ones.png
Geas of the Kind Ones   Earn the Believer, Bane of Dannan, Cabalist, Cap Buster, Giant Killer, Haunted, Pumpkin King, Pumpkin Master and Spellbinding badges
Badge croatoa x times the victor.png
Ten Times the Victor   Defeat Mary MacComber ten times during the Katie Hannon Task Force

Changed Requirements

Achievement Badges

The following Achievement badge had its requirement changed with Issue 5.

Badge villain rikti.png Zookeeper   Badge requirement was reduced from 10,000 to 1,000 Rikti monkeys defeated

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