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Issue 3 Badges

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Badge time.png This article contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes. It is provided for historical purposes.


Issue 3 brought with it 8 Exploration badges, 2 History badges, 5 Achievement badges and 1 Accomplishment badge. In total, 16 badges were introduced upon the release of Issue 3. An additional 2 Achievement badges and 1 Accolade badge were added later, for a grand total of 19 badges during Issue 3.

NOTE: Issue 13 introduced a massive resorting and reorganizing of the badge system. Consequently, many, if not most, of this issue's badges may no longer be in the categories in which they are listed below. Please refer to the individual badge category listings for current information.

Exploration Badges

Badge tourist 01.png Striga Isle

There were three badges added to Striga Isle.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Sea Dog Striga Isle -470 0 1020
Super Spy Striga Isle -6655 -15 -2460
Vulcanologist Striga Isle -5346 875 -796

Badge tourist 01.png The Hollows

There were five badges added to The Hollows.

Badge Zone Location ( x z y )
Backwoodsman The Hollows -2150 42 3332
Gangland Fury The Hollows -728 -11 -3518
Geologist The Hollows -749 -539 -1647
Parapsychologist The Hollows -704 379 885
Seeker of Monsters The Hollows 21 -345 -1280

History Badges

There were two History badges added with Issue 3.

Badge history 01.png Digger
Badge history 01.png Ghost Hunter

Achievement Badges

There were five Achievement badges added with Issue 3.

Badge giant octopus.png
Devilfish   Defeat Lusca, a monster that spawns in Independence Port
Badge ghost ship.png Ectoplasmic   Defeat 50 Ghosts that spawn from the Ghost Ship
Badge paladin.png
Knight Errant   Stop a Paladin Construction
Badge villain rularru.png
Visionary   Defeat 100 Rularuu Overseers
Badge villain magmite.png
Volcanic   Defeat 100 Magmite Lords

Accomplishment Badges

There was one Accomplishment badge added with Issue 3.

Badge council robot.png
Burkholder's Bane   Complete Ernesto Hess's task force: The MegaMech Cometh

Later Badges

Achievement Badges

There were two Achievement badges added after Issue 3 was released..

Badge winter event 01.png
Cold Warrior   Defeat 100 of the Winter Horde during the Winter Event 2004
Badge winter event 02.png
Frozen Fury   Defeat the Winter Lord during the Winter Event 2004

Accolade Badges

There was one Accolade badge added after Issue 3 was released.

Badge anniversary 1.png Celebrant   Log in during the month of May, 2005

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