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Soul Binder Badge

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You have uncovered the secret of the Circle of Thorns mages, that they are ancient spirits who inhabit the stolen bodies of their victims.

How to Get

Defeat 200 Circle of Thorns mages. Possessed Scientists with a rank of Lieutenant will also count for this badge.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
5-7 Kings Row The Gish
6-7 Kings Row Aqueduct
7-8 Kings Row Industrial Avenue
8 Kings Row High Park
10-12 The Hollows Eastgate Park
13-15 The Hollows Eastgate Heights
8-11 Perez Park Everett Lake, Perez Park, Bettis Hills
11-14 Steel Canyon Gimry Ridge
12-14 Steel Canyon Bronze Way
16-18 Steel Canyon The Fools Gold District
12-15 Tunnels of the Trolls throughout zone
20-22 Talos Island Ithaca Island
23 Talos Island Argo Highway
23-25 Talos Island Circe Island
24-25 Talos Island New Corinth, New Troy
26-27 Talos Island Scylla Island
22-26 Echo: Dark Astoria Romero Heights
24-27 Echo: Dark Astoria Toffet Terrace
24-29 Echo: Dark Astoria Barca Plaza
34-37 Founders' Falls Louis Forest, Red River
35-40 Founders' Falls The Gaspee
37-38 Abandoned Sewer Network Atlas Park Sector, Kings Row Sector, Skyway City Sector
37-40 Abandoned Sewer Network Underworld
39-40 Abandoned Sewer Network Steel Canyon Sector, Boomtown Sector
48-50 Peregrine Island Mera Heights, Portal Court, Poseidon Square
40-45 Cascade Archipelago Crimson Falls, The Chanting Islands
44-47 The Chantry Bastion of Guilt, Bastion of Pain, Bastion of Sorrow, Path of Tears
25-27 Bloody Bay Dead Coast, Forgotten Forest, Green Nugget, Ground Zero, Water Street

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
9-11 Port Oakes Fort Hades
15-17 Cap au Diable New Haven
16-19 Cap au Diable Vagabond Hills
16-20 Cap au Diable Mount Diable
27-30 Sharkhead Isle Potter's Field
31-37 Nerva Archipelago Primeva
37-40 Nerva Archipelago Thorn Isle
34-36 St. Martial Fortune's Wheel
42-46 Grandville The Gutter (East Ward)
43 Grandville Spider City
45-46 Grandville The Gutter (West Ward)
25-27 Bloody Bay Dead Coast, Forgotten Forest, Green Nugget, Ground Zero, Water Street

Weapon Unlocked

When a Broad Sword Scrapper or Stalker earns this badge, they unlock the Thorn Blade weapon customization.


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