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Crafted Base Items

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While the Supergroup Base Editor includes a good assortment of items to put on your base at the cost of Prestige only, other items require you to first craft them by using Salvage, and in some cases, they have to be unlocked by earning Supergroup Badges first.

All crafted items can be Arcane or Technology. While this does not affect their functionality for the most part, as you can have a Technology energy generator and an Arcane control generator, it does affect Auxiliary items. An Arcane Control Aux item can only be attached to an Arcane Control item, and it will not work with a Technology Control item.

Issue 13 changed the way base items were crafted. Previously, Base Salvage was used to create Components, which were used to craft these items. With Issue 13, Invention Salvage is now used to craft them, eliminating Component crafting. A player's old Base Salvage and Components can be turned into Brain Storm Idea Salvage, which subsequently can be turned into Invention Salvage.

Arcane Tech
Control Aux
Defense Aux
Energy Aux
Workshop Aux

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