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Mega Monitor

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The Mega Monitor is the third, middle level, of the Tier-II Tech Auxiliary Base Control Items. It is a large wall item, and it provides double the amount of Control as the smaller Tier-II Advanced Terminal and 20 times more than the Tier-I Terminal. The Tier-II Control items attach only to the Supercomputer, and are used mostly by large, typically PVP-Oriented bases that have lots of defenses, turrets and other devices, and, as such, also have large requirements for Control.


This massive monitor displays all base security information in a single glance. It increases control generated for the base.

Additional Information

Mega Monitor - Front View
Mega Monitor- Profile
Selection Box and Pastel Picture shown for size reference.
Base Element Type Control Aux Item
Price 200,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Unlocked by Mega Monitor Plans
Energy Consumed 100
Control Produced 200
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage Boresight.png 1 Boresight, Salvage BloodSample.png 1 Mutant Blood Sample, Salvage RuneboundArmor.png 1 Runebound Armor, Salvage Ectoplasm.png 1 Psionic Ectoplasm, Salvage PlasmaCapacitor.png 1 Plasma Capacitor

Salvage SyntheticOrgans.png 1 Improvised Cybernetic, Salvage DnaMutation.png 1 Mutant DNA Strand, Salvage BoneFragment.png 1 Ancient Bone, Salvage BloodSample.png 1 Blood of the Incarnate, Salvage ReactiveGas.png 1 Reactive Gas


Salvage SkyRaiderWeapon.png 1 Kinetic Weapon, Salvage PneumaticPiston.png 1 Pneumatic Piston, Salvage Tissuesample.png 1 Regenerating Flesh, Salvage ThornTreeVine.png 1 Thorn Tree Vine, Salvage Platinum.png 1 Platinum

Attaches to Supercomputer, Autonomous Expert System
Arcane Equivalent Astral Haruspex


Price 849,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required 10 Salvage TechMaterial.png Tech Material
3 Salvage TechPower.png Tech Power
7 Salvage TechHardwareold.png Tech Hardware

1 Salvage TechSoftware.png Tech Software

Attaches to Supercomputer

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