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Advanced Database

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The Advanced Database is the most powerful of the Tier-II Tech Auxiliary Base Control Items. While having about the same footprint as it smaller cousin, the Tier-I Database, it provides 10 times the amount of Control, and 50 times more than the starting Tier-I Terminal. The Tier-II Control items attach only to the Supercomputer, and are used mostly by large, typically PVP-Oriented bases that have lots of defenses, turrets and other devices, and, as such, also have large requirements for Control.


This database contains detailed knowledge about the known powers of super-powered beings, allowing you to better adjust and control your base security system.

Note: The description for this item could be considered a minor bug, as it is exactly the same one used by the Database item as well.

Additional Information

Advanced Database - Front View
Advanced Database - Profile
Selection Box and Electron Imager shown for size reference.
Base Element Type Control Aux Item
Price 500,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Energy Consumed 1000
Control Produced 500
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage InanimateCarbonRod.png 1 Inanimate Carbon Rod Salvage DataFiles.png 1 Daemon Program Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Spell Scroll Salvage Demonlogica.png 1 Volume of the Obsidian Librum Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Alien Blood Sample

Salvage Notes.png 1 Scientific Theory Salvage SkyRaiderDevice.png 1 Data Drive Salvage TsooInk.png 1 Spell Ink Salvage Tatoo.png 1 Living Tattoo Salvage MutatedSample.png 1 Mutating Genome


Salvage Notes.png 1 Mathematic Proof Salvage AbberantTech.png 1 Temporal Tracer Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png 1 Demonic Threat Report Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png 1 Psionic Threat Report Salvage StableProtonium.png 1 Positronic Matrix

Attaches to Supercomputer, Autonomous Expert System
Arcane Equivalent Mystical Bookshelf


Price 1,061,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required 13 Salvage TechPower.png Tech Power
2 Salvage TechHardwareold.png Tech Hardware
2 Salvage TechPrototype.png Tech Prototype
Allowed "Aux" Items None

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