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Workshop Room

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A Workshop Room can be added to a Group's Base to allow creation of Base Items from Salvage.

Additionally a Workshop Room can house a large number of Storage Base Items as well as Empowerment Stations.

No Defense Base Items are allowed in this room type.


The Workshop is an important part of a base. It can contain workbenches needed to build base items from Salvage, along with tools that will increase the chance of repairing items destroyed in raids.


Title Price Dimensions Storage Items Workshop Items Empowerment Station
Oversight Center 50,000 prestige 3x3 1 1 0
Workshop 1 50,000 prestige 1x2 1 1 1
Workshop 2 100,000 prestige 2x2 9 2 1
Workshop 3 230,000 prestige 3x4 9 3 1

Note: Numbers after Titles are for Paragon Wiki only. The Base Editor has no numeric Titles.