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This is a base Defense auxiliary item.


Transformers allow you to more efficiently use the energy supply for turrets, reducing the energy requirements.

Additional Information

Base Element Type Defense Aux Item
Price 1000 prestige
Control Consumed 1
Energy Produced 20
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage MysticFoci.png 1 Spiritual Essence Salvage InanimateCarbonRod.png 1 Inanimate Carbon Rod Salvage Titanium.png 1 Polycarbon Salvage Notes.png 1 Complex Chemical Formula

Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Demonic Blood Sample Salvage Notes.png 1 Scientific Theory Salvage Steel.png 1 Steel Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png 1 Conspiratorial Evidence


Salvage HellishTooth.png 1 Spirit Thorn Salvage Notes.png 1 Mathematic Proof Salvage TitaniumShard.png 1 Titanium Shard Salvage Nanites.png 1 Synthetic Intelligence Unit

Attaches to Defense Items
Arcane Equivalent Conservator

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