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Defense Room

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All information on this page is current as of Issue 13.

A Defense Room can be added to a Group's Base to provide additional firepower and negative effects to aid in repelling invaders. These defensive areas are commonly placed to harass attackers attempting to reach vital areas such as Energy and Control rooms as well as Vaults, once Items of Power are reintroduced.


Note: Numbers after Titles are for paragonwiki designation. Base Editor has no numeric Titles.

Room Name Price Size Defenses Control
Choke Point 68,750 prestige 1x1 2 0
Security Corridor 1 93,500 prestige 1x2 4 0
Security Corridor 2 118,250 prestige 1x3 6 0
Security Corridor 3 143,000 prestige 1x4 8 0
Gauntlet 242,000 prestige 1x8 16 0
Death Trap 178,750 prestige 3x3 16 1
Stronghold 398,750 prestige 5x5 50 0