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This is an auxiliary medical item.


The Robo-Surgery's molecular level controls allow for precise surgical repair of injuries. It will increase your reclamator's healing abilities by 10%.

Additional Information

Base Element Type Medical Aux
Price 25,000 prestige
Upkeep Cost 100 prestige
Issue Added 6
Unlocked by Robo-Surgery Plans
Energy Consumed 20
Control Consumed 10
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage Brass.png 1 Brass Salvage BloodSample.png 1 Mutant Blood Sample Salvage FaLakAmulet.png 1 Ancient Artifact Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Alien Blood Sample

Salvage Iron.png 1 Iron Salvage DnaMutation.png 1 Mutant DNA Strand Salvage ThornFragmentold.png 1 Masterwork Weapon Salvage MutatedSample.png 1 Mutating Genome


Salvage CeramicArmorPlate.png 1 Ceramic Armor Plate Salvage PneumaticPiston.png 1 Pneumatic Piston Salvage IceShard.png 1 Nevermelting Ice Salvage StableProtonium.png 1 Positronic Matrix

Attaches to Basic Reclaimator
Arcane Equivalent Spirit Signal

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