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Purchased Base Items

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Supergroup Bases can be furnished with an incredible amount of unique items, providing both a personalized environment for the supergroup's members and a functional center of supergroup operations. Purchaseable Base Items can be divided into two main groups: functional and decorative. Functional items include anything that can help the supergroup perform more efficiently, including medical facilities, transportation pads and item storage, as well as the power and control items to make these function. Decorative items are everything else, and allow the supergroup to design a unique gathering space for the members.


Functional items come in both Arcane and Technological styles to better match your base. The difference between Arcane and Tech items is cosmetic only. For every Tech based item there is a corresponding Arcane based item. (Except in the case of Empowerment Stations and Worktables, which accept only salvage of their own type.) Items are often referred to by their Tech names. While in the base editor, item categories show up only if you are currently in a room where they might be placed. (For example, the Arcane Energy category will not appear when you are in a Workshop Room.)

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

With the removal of base raids in Issue 13, defense and battery items became purely decorative, although they still require power and control to function.

  • Base Defense Items - Defense items can be placed in certain rooms and provide limited protection for your base during Base Raids. They draw energy and control in exchange for this protection.
  • Base Control Items - Control items offer control for Teleporters and Defense items, allowing them to operate safely. Control is essential to a functioning base.
  • Base Energy Items - Energy items power your other functional base items, including control items. Energy is essential to a functioning base.
  • Base Transport Items - Teleport beacons and the actual teleporters draw both energy and control, but allow instant access to zones in Paragon City of the Rogue Isles for all supergroup members.
  • Base Workshop Items - Workshop items store items, or allow the crafting of other items. They draw modest amounts of control and energy.
  • Empowerment Stations - Empowerment Stations can be placed only in Workshop rooms and allow base salvage to be converted into long lasting buffs for individual supergroup members. They draw no energy or control.
  • Base Medical Items - Medical units allow supergroup members to Resurrect after being defeated or buy inspirations. They draw modest amounts of energy and control.


Decorative items are divided in the base editor based on their type. Things aren't always where you would expect, and it's best to look around for what you want.

Items of Power

Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Items of Power granted bonuses to every member of the Supergroup that owned them. They were only attainable from the Cathedral of Pain Trial for a short time in the fall of 2006, before the Trial was removed from the game due to an exploit. The Trial was reintroduced in Issue 18, but Items of Power were no longer a reward. To hold an Item of Power, a supergroup needed 6 Dimensional Anchors in their base, as well as Item of Power Base. These can still be purchased, but are entirely now entirely decorative.