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Transportation Room

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All information on this page is current as of Issue 13.

A Transportation Room can be added to a Group's Base to provide access to zones that have Supergroup Exploration Badges (see lists of SG Exploration Badges for CoH and CoV). By placing crafted Teleportation Telepad Base Items made at a Group's Worktable Base Item and Beacon Base Items various zones can be reached. With the exception of the Teleport Bay, all transportation rooms allow an unlimited number of beacons to be placed.

Larger Transportation Rooms can also hold Defensive Base Items.


Note: Numbers after Titles are for paragonwiki designation. Base Editor has no numeric Titles.

Room Name Price Size Teleporters' Price per TP
Teleport Bay 50,000 prestige 1x2 1 50,000 prestige/TP
Teleport Chamber 1 100,000 prestige 2x2 2 50,000 prestige/TP
Teleport Chamber 2 162,500 prestige 3x3 3 54,167 prestige/TP
Secure Teleport Bay 1 253,000 prestige 3x4 4 63,250 prestige/TP
Secure Teleport Bay 2 275,000 prestige 4x4 4 68,750 prestige/TP
Secure Portal Room 398,750 prestige 5x5 8 49,843 prestige/TP

Teleport Bay Note - Although Teleport Bays allow one Basic Telepad (which itself can connect up to two beacons), this room type also only allows the placement of one Teleport Beacon. This means Teleport Bays can only transport you to a maximum of one location regardless of configuration.