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Mystic Orrery

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This is the third, the largest and most powerful of the Arcane Base Control Items (also called 'primary' or 'core'), that generate control in a Supergroup Base.

The Orrery represents the culmination of a Supergroup achievements in Arcane Base Construction; these Systems are intended to be used by large - and typically PvP-oriented - supergroups with extensive bases and energy requirements. It is one of the largest items available to be placed in a base.

50 Control 500 Control 1500 Control
Magic Axis Orbits of Control Mystic Orrery


This device monitors the motions of the planets and stars, allowing it to choose the most auspicious moments for weaving powerful control spells. These spells are necessary to bind the energies of all security devices in your base and keep them functioning properly.

Additional Information

Mystic Orrery
Base Element Type Control Item
Price 1,500,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Unlocked by Autonomous Expert System Plans
Device Rank 3 of 3
Energy Consumed 2500
Control Produced 1500
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required Salvage FaLakAmulet.png 1 Ancient Artifact Salvage ClockworkGear.png 1 Clockwork Gear Salvage Brass.png 1 Brass Salvage PsionizedMetal.png 1 Psionicly Charged Brass

Salvage ThornFragmentold.png 1 Masterwork Weapon Salvage AlchemicalGold.png 1 Alchemical Gold Salvage Iron.png 1 Iron Salvage EnchantedImpervium.png 1 Enchanted Impervium


Salvage IceShard.png 1 Nevermelting Ice Salvage Sapphire.png 1 Sapphire Salvage CeramicArmorPlate.png 1 Ceramic Armor Plate Salvage Diamond.png 1 Diamond

Maximum Connections 9
Allowed "Aux" Items Bookshelf, Clerk Desk, Augury Table, Mystic Advisor, Scrying Paintings, Mystical Bookshelf, Seer Desk, Viewing Portal, Mystic Overseer, Astral Haruspex

Oracle, Pillar of Ice and Flame

Tech Equivalent Autonomous Expert System


  • Requires Communication Center 1 or Larger Control Room
  • The Orrery requires a full 4x2 'squares' of room, and it's roughly 24 ft. height (or, about half of the room height when set to the lowest floor and highest ceiling).
    • Due to its large size, it can be somewhat unwieldy to place. Plan your room ahead of time to avoid unnecessary rework.


Price 2,000,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required 38 Salvage MysticElement.png Mystic Element
25 Salvage MysticFoci.png Mystic Foci
29 Salvage ArcaneGlyph.png Arcane Glyph
19 Salvage ArcaneEssence.png Arcane Essence
9 Salvage MagicalArtifact.png Mystic Element
6 Salvage MagicalWard.png Magical Ward
Allowed "Aux" Items Oracle
  • Before Issue 13, this item did not allow any auxiliary items other than the Oracle.

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