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Improved Chain Gun

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This is a base defense item. +++ Missing Information +++


+++ Missing Information +++

Additional Information

Picture MIA
Improved Chain Gun
Base Element Type Defense Item
Price 20000 prestige
Unlocked by +++ Missing Information +++
Energy Consumed 150
Control Consumed 5
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage FaLakAmulet.png 1 Ancient Artifact Salvage Boresight.png 1 Boresight Salvage Titanium.png 1 Polycarbon Salvage InnovativeCode.png 1 Source Code

Salvage ThornFragmentold.png 1 Masterwork Weapon Salvage SyntheticOrgans.png 1 Improvised Cybernetic Salvage Steel.png 1 Steel Salvage CortexDevice.png 1 Holographic Memory


Salvage IceShard.png 1 Nevermelting Ice Salvage SkyRaiderWeapon.png 1 Kinetic Weapon Salvage TitaniumShard.png 1 Titanium Shard Salvage TechHardwareold.png 1 Chronal Skip

Allowed "Aux" Items None
Arcane Equivalent Improved Stonethrower

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